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To register an account with us you can use the WeChat APP on your phone. Simply follow the steps below.


We highly recommend using the WeChat APP to Register & Login.With this APP you can shop with us, receive your package tracking, chat with us about your orders, receive our latest promotions, and so much more.

WeChat is one of the world's largest standalone mobile apps, with active users at 800 million per month. It covers 200 countries and has more than 20 available languages. In China, it is used on more than 94% of the smart phones, and almost everyone uses this APP. For this reason we suggest downloading it onto your mobile phone. To get connected within China. If you don’t have it yet, please visit, to download from Google Play or the APP Store.

1.Open the WeChat APP on your mobile device.

2.Click on in the top right corner to open the menu and click on "Scan" to scan the QR code below.

Or you can click on "Add Contacts" "Official Accounts" , then input "pandaboo" in the search box to search for PandaBoo’s Official Account.

3.If you have never followed PandaBoo's Official WeChat Account before, please click on "Follow" after you scanned the QR code or found PandaBoo’s Official Account by searching.

4.Now you are successfully following PandaBoo's Official WeChat Account. Please click on the link to start registering your account.

5.You can also register with us at our homepage following the below steps.

6.Then fill in your name, phone number and verification code, and set a password to register with us.

7.Or, you can click the WeChat Icon on the bottom of the page and follow the steps to continue the register.

8.If you have already followed PandaBoo's Official WeChat Account, however, get lost in WeChat trying to find PandaBoo, you can click on the search button in the top right corner and input “pandaboo”, then you will find it.

You can also register an account by visiting our website using a PC or mobile browser, or simply visiting PandaBoo APP. Click Register on PandaBoo website or APP to view more details.

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