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Invoice / Fapiao

It is simple to download the Invoice by yourself. Go to the Order Information page on the PC browser and click the icon beside Order ID. Then you can download the file by printing the page.

Or you can contact us on Live Chat or WeChat, our team will download the invoice and send it to you.

If you would like to get a Chinese Fapiao for reimbursement after your order is delivered, PandaBoo can issue an electronic version of Fapiao to you.

Please submit your company name and tax ID following the below instructions. If you don??t know how to fill in Chinese, you can send us the picture of your company name and tax ID via Live Chat or WeChat. We will email you back e-Fapiao within 1 workdays. You can download and print it out for reimbursement. Some accountants also accept e-Fapiao. You can forward the PDF e-Fapiao to them, no need to print.

See below instructions how to apply e-Fapiao in your Order History page.

What is e-Fapiao?

E-Fapiao is a type of fapiao in electronic form, which contains fapiao code, issuance party and amount, etc. The printed e-Fapiao is equivalent to the conventional paper fapiao as supervised by tax bureaus. Moreover, e-Fapiao is easy to be stored, searched and found.

Can e-Fapiao be used for reimbursement?

Yes. E-Fapiao is a valid voucher for reimbursement as approved by the State Administration of Taxation. The printed e-Fapiao is of the same effectiveness and usage as the conventional paper fapiao.

How do I print e-Fapiao?

After you receive the e-Fapiao by email, e-Fapiao can be printed on A4 paper through regular printers. If you encounter problems like the e-Fapiao cannot be printed with a frame, please setup print option Comments&Forms as Document and Markups.

Can I freely choose certain contents for issuing e-Fapiao, such as choose "catering services" for goods purchase?

No. Pursuant to the related tax rules, the items are shown on the fapiao should always be consistent with the actual goods and services. So, there is no flexibility in choosing the items of goods or services on e-Fapiao.

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