Order Status & Product Status

Order status is displayed on the order history page under the "Status" column. Please refer to the below terms for an explanation of each status.

Paid & Processing - The order has been successfully paid for and your order is being processed.

Awaiting your payment - The order has not been paid for yet. Please note: If you paid for your order via PayPal, please allow some time for the pending payment to be processed.

Canceled - The order has been canceled.

Product Status  Is displayed on the order information page and is listed under each item that you order. Please refer to the below terms for explanation of each status.

Pending - The product hasn’t been sourced yet, and it will be handled soon.

Supplier Prepare Shipment - The product has been sourced and it will be shipped by the supplier soon.

Shipment Collection - Your package has been collected by the carrier and is ready for shipment.

In Transit - Your package is in-transit.

Out For Delivery – You package has arrived at its final destination and will soon be delivered to you.

Delivered - The package has been successfully delivered to you.

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