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PandaBoo means Panda likes Bamboo. Our goal is to help everyone in the world to shop online and make their shopping experience as simple as a local Chinese person. Hassle free and no scams! We are a native Chinese team with many years of online shopping experience. We know the best ways to solve all kinds of problems that are associated with online shopping in China. 

PandaBoo was launched in July 2017, as an IT company. We originally started developing this e-commerce shopping system in 2012, and then sold this system to many different clients around the world. After 5 years of polishing, we were confident to run our system as our own business. 

PandaBoo currently provides English and Chinese language platforms; with multiple currency and multiple payment options (WeChat Pay, Alipay, Paypal) and offers live chat support in English via WeChat. 

PandaBoo has more than 1.5 billion products from various types of suppliers with delivery via SF express, JD logistic, Deepon and other shipping companies.   We can help you find specific products to buy if you get a “no results” response after searching. We can also buy products on your behalf if you search with a product’s url link from another site. 

We can ship almost everywhere in mainland China. Generally, bigger cities get a faster delivery time. We can also ship to Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan within a week or less and to most other countries within 7 to 15 days. Please refer to our shipping calculator for applicable rates. 

PandaBoo is essentially a third-party shopping agent. All products sourced from Marketplace come from different suppliers with different levels of quality. We will check and confirm with you first if we think some products might have quality issues. However, Super Mall provides greater quality products and fast delivery (12 to 48 hours). Therefore,  the Super Mall is our recommendation to you for the majority of your purchases. 

When shopping, please check Why PandaBoo, All product Reviews, and Customer Testimonials for your reference. 

We are also able to provide you with additional services such as arranging faster shipping from the supplier to you, receiving products in our warehouse for a quality check then shipping them direct to you, and even upgrading your laptop to an English version before delivering it to you.

You can shop through our WeChat official account, on our website from your PC or mobile phone’s browser, or even through our APP for iPhone, iPad and android. 

Please go to our help center for more shopping guidelines. 

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