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Before placing an order, make sure you check out the product details; such as size, and color. Select the quantity you would like to buy and when you"re ready to place your order, you can click "BUY NOW" and then continue to the checkout.

If you are buying multiple items, click "ADD TO CART" and then continue your shopping.

Once you have finished your shopping click on the cart button to review all the items you wish to purchase.

Before deciding to check out and pay for your order, you can view and manage the items in your cart. You can add or change quantities, remove any items you no longer wish to purchase or even do a partial checkout.

Let's say today you only want to buy one item in your shopping cart, and would like some extra time to consider the other item, that's not a problem! Click on "PARTIAL CHECKOUT" when you are viewing your shopping cart. Tick the item you would like to buy, then click on "CHECK OUT".

On the checkout page please pay special attention to the "Billing Address", "Shipping Address", "Shipping Method", and "Payment Method". This is also your chance to "Add Comments About Your Order" before you click on "CONFIRM & PAY".


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