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Forbidden items to be shipped out of Chinese mainland

When you place an order with us, and you would like it to be shipped outside Chinese mainland we guarantee Chinese customs clearance; and will bear the full responsibility of any problems that may occur with Chinese customs.

However, it is the buyer"s responsibility for confirming that the purchased product can be legally imported into the destination country. The recipient of an international shipment may be subject to the destination country's customs policies. Once the shipment arrives into the recipient's country if there are any tariff"s payable or if the product(s) is confiscated this is the buyer"s responsibility. We are not responsible for any damages /loss. The recipient is the importer of the product(s), and must comply with all the laws and regulations set out by the destination country.

Forbidden items:

Below is a list of forbidden items that can"t be shipped out of Chinese mainland:

1. Any kind of weapon and ammunition. (Guns, bullets, shells, grenades, mines, bombs, etc.)

2. Any kind of imitation weapon, and ammunition. (Note: A plastic toy gun can be shipped.)

3. Any kind of power / hand tools. (Note: a paring knife, and manual razor do not fall within the scope of a control tool.)

4. Any kind of explosive materials.

5. Any kind of flammable materials. (E.g.: lighters, lighter fluid alcohol, etc.)

6. Any type of corrosive substances.

7. Any type of radioactive elements and their containers.

8. Any kind of poison, narcotics, and psychotropic items.

9. Any biochemical products and infectious materials. Such as bones (including the burning of the bones), animal organs, and limbs. ( Not tanned skins, or animal bones without drugs).

10. Any kind of items that are detrimental to the public health, and safety.

11. Any kind of animal or plant on the endangered species list,and any of their associated products.

12. Any precious cultural relics.

13. Various types of magnetic tape.

14. Any kind of pressurized vessels, and all types of compressed gas products.

15. Any kind of currency, or securities.

16. Counterfeit currency and counterfeit securities.

17. Various types of cigarettes, and wine. (Including: electronic cigarettes, and Tobacco oil)

18. Gold, silver and any other precious metals and their associated products.

19. Any reactionary, pornographic or indecent contents of a shipment. (Optical disc with prohibited articles).

20. Any oxidizers and organic peroxides.

21. Any shipment with a pure battery, or with a charge transported by a plane. safety standard built-in battery, charging laptops, electric bicycles and so on.

22. Any drugs, or contraband.

23. Any food including the following but not limited to: meat, beverages, coffee, fruit, snacks, tea, etc.

24. Any kind of imitation brand products, where the appearance of the product, or the contents within the said product are suspected of infringing on intellectual property rights, and other items.

25. Air embargo products: motors or products with motorized components. Powered materials (regardless of color), liquid (Regardless of the package) and the like.

26. Any characteristics of a product or its packaging that may be classified as dangerous goods and could do harm to any operating personnel, the environment, transportation or other third-party person.

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