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Gra*** 14/08/2019

Got the two boxes of pencil. The quality is good.

Gar*** 13/08/2019

Beautiful and a good brand is always reliable

Ale*** 12/08/2019

Good quality. Fast delivery. This product is great to cut the sharp corners on laminated stuff.

Vin*** 02/08/2019

Comes with everything. Looks really good and makes for a great birthday gift.

Gar*** 27/07/2019

Very good quality product. The plastic sleeves are not too thin .

Mar*** 19/07/2019

Excelente for makeup! Love ir

Gav*** 16/07/2019

Wow these are way better than i expected. My dive box and luggage will never look the same again!

Mar*** 13/07/2019

It’s so beautiful! Perfect to put my makeup brushes

Pat*** 12/07/2019

Beautiful. Looks very modern. Real nordish style.

Cri*** 12/07/2019

So far si good. One of the best chairs i have ever had. We will sew if it worth it or not.

Pat*** 08/07/2019

Exactly as described. The quality is good.

Nad*** 08/07/2019

I ordered these for our summer camp. Think the students will love having their own little detective notebooks!

Tiz*** 07/07/2019

Fast delivery and very according to expectations

Ten*** 05/07/2019

I love the Sharpie markers. Thanks for a quick delivery. I look forward to using them soon.

杰特 *** 03/07/2019

same as seen on the's a good eraser for pencil marks.doesnt erase inks.

Mag*** 03/07/2019

Very comfortable, compact, good service from supplier. Your go to shop for art equipment.

杰特 *** 27/06/2019

Item itself is good but i received it with crampled and torn box.good enough the edges of the binder were not broken.

杰特 *** 27/06/2019

Fast, well packed,same as the picture and still have to try using it.

Pau*** 24/06/2019

The original cartridges, fast delivery

Luy*** 23/06/2019

Beautiful pen, writes smoothly, nice weight.

Jos*** 21/06/2019

Great product, almost feels like it's not worth its current price. Satisfied with the delivery time. Definitely would recommend.

Chr*** 18/06/2019

Great value for the products, speed of service was great.

Gra*** 17/06/2019

I love this paint very useful and the quality is good.

Ale*** 15/06/2019

It's a very nice notepad, great for the price.

Jar*** 06/06/2019

Good design. Quite usefull.

Jar*** 05/06/2019

Very nice sharp scissors. Very solid.

Sha*** 01/06/2019

Thanks a lot. Thanks for being on time.

Hen*** 29/05/2019

Product in good order. Thank you very much

Lor*** 27/05/2019

I needed the paper for a party and ordered it at the last minute. Thankfully it arrived quickly and in time!!

Jam*** 25/05/2019

Best purchase I've made in China! Excellent customer service: fast, efficient, and ACCURATE!!! Product was even better than promised.

Jam*** 25/05/2019

Great pens, so much smoother than other multi-colored pens. Definitely worth the price if you want quality.

Loi*** 24/05/2019

Thank you for delivery my order on time. Will order again next time if I needed. Great service

Mag*** 19/05/2019

Very nice products, paints exquisite. Good service

Mon*** 17/05/2019

Really cool stickers! Put them on a suitcase but some of them lift because of the suitcase texture.

Mon*** 17/05/2019

Got all the designs, they work very well!

abu*** 17/05/2019

I was so Surprised with in a same day delivery I have order in the morning I can received the product in the Night, My Daughter really enjoyed, Its a Worth I just used for 3 days, Still I don't have any problem with the Sound. Hope its value for money

Fra*** 14/05/2019

The children loves it and it keeps them busy for hours

杰特 *** 14/05/2019

received on time and in good condition.

杰特 *** 14/05/2019

got it on time.still observing if it's good.fits my printer.

Loi*** 12/05/2019

Very good quality paper. Will order more.

Nic*** 12/05/2019

Fun, and funky collection of pens

Jos*** 11/05/2019

Good product Nice quality

Mar*** 09/05/2019

Good quality and delivery time!

Car*** 02/05/2019

Happy with my order. I will happily recommend.

San*** 01/05/2019

The stickers are good quality. Maybe a little smaller than I expected, but I look forward to using them nonetheless.

Zar*** 30/04/2019

Very useful tools, seem to be accurate

Jam*** 29/04/2019

Makes organization easy! And Fun!

Jam*** 29/04/2019

So many great ink colors, I don't know what to use use first!

Ale*** 20/04/2019

Wonderful stickers, such an interesting design!

May*** 12/04/2019

It’s the first time I ever have so many pencils in one set. I love the brand and I can’t wait to draw and see how it paints.

May*** 12/04/2019

I love toughness of the paper. I will see how the paper is as soon as I use my pencils on it. I’m so excited about working on it.

Cha*** 01/04/2019

Perfect little hole punch for my small project. Happy

Mos*** 30/03/2019

Very Good, But Unfortunately The Box Is Not As Deserve

Kha*** 27/03/2019

Got item same as the picture and perfect condition.

Pao*** 20/03/2019

Great! Wished it had batteries included but it is just what I needed!

HAR*** 17/03/2019

It works fine, you just need to add some pressure.

Vin*** 16/03/2019

Really good ink. It works well with my pens.

Vin*** 16/03/2019

Really awesome book set. Perfect to practice writing characters.

Kar*** 15/03/2019

The were good quality, exactly what I was looking for. Blank canvas perfect for acrylic paints

Nic*** 14/03/2019

Super fast delivery, good quality original cannon cartridges.

Vin*** 14/03/2019

Looks amazing and works very well as a beginner's birthday present! Thank you for the two cute books that came with it.

Cha*** 05/03/2019

Quick delivery look great and great feel in hand

Kel*** 20/02/2019

smaller than it looks like but the material is good

Kel*** 28/01/2019

Beautiful and very useful, I really like them

Jol*** 16/01/2019

Used it on my phone. I love it.

Ten*** 07/01/2019

They arrived safely and quickly!

Sta*** 30/12/2018

The products are as advertised and beautifully presented. Customisation is lovely with great attention to detail. I ordered 74 pens, each with their own engraving and it took three days for the order to be completed from start to delivery. Pandaboo and Don were amazing in handling such a specific request and the pens came out better than I could have hoped for. I would recommend both the seller and Pandaboo for excellent products, service, and attention to detail.

Wil*** 25/12/2018

Would've been good if they were a little bigger, but overall I would buy a bunch again.

Wil*** 25/12/2018

What I ordered, good quality.

Sha*** 25/12/2018

Good service. I love it

Fra*** 24/12/2018

Only fault appears to be no light adustment

Son*** 23/12/2018

Good quality. Just as the website said. Works well.

Son*** 23/12/2018

So beautiful. Arrived in good time. In working order

nat*** 22/12/2018

Nice ..Lot of refill.smooth writing

nat*** 22/12/2018

Nice ..Lot of refill.smooth writing

Zac*** 22/12/2018

Products were delivered in good time and were exactly as expected. Very good service and product. Many thanks!

Gay*** 20/12/2018

It's a good quality calculator thank you

Tiz*** 19/12/2018

Fast delivery. According to expectations

Jos*** 18/12/2018

Perhaps you will enjoy having it around to clutter your living room.

Bru*** 18/12/2018

Great product! As soon as I need more of these I will for sure repeat my order.

Bru*** 18/12/2018

Great quality, but I a thicker than I need for every day use.

Bru*** 18/12/2018

Very good product but one important info I could not find before is: this use too much product to print, even when set for economic mode. And the cartridge cost is a little high.

Gav*** 18/12/2018

Great pencil, not the.colour i ordered but Its still great.

nat*** 18/12/2018

Look very cute.

Gra*** 16/12/2018

took many days before delivered..

Gra*** 16/12/2018

the processing took a long time.. could make it faster i suggest

Gra*** 16/12/2018

the processing took a long time.. could make it faster i suggest

Mal*** 11/12/2018

Great daily planning notebook. Looks nice and good for gifting.

Jus*** 08/12/2018

I love the lay out of the pages and the color of the color.

Jus*** 08/12/2018

Nice cover design and it comes with free pen and stickers.

Gav*** 05/12/2018

Fantastic new colours for my collection.

Ale*** 02/12/2018

Great, just what I needed, arrived quickly.

Ale*** 02/12/2018

Wonderful, I can't wait to use it.

Ale*** 01/12/2018

Some of the markers arrived dry, not in a good shape, with crumbles on top, I cannot use them. Very unhappy as I could have bought much better for the price, it's not cheap.Only few are OK.

Ale*** 01/12/2018

Some of the markers arrived dry, not in a good shape, with crumbles on top, I cannot use them. Very unhappy as I could have bought much better for the price, it's not cheap.Only few are OK.

Ale*** 01/12/2018

Good item, not so hard to assemble, sturdy and comfortable.

Ale*** 01/12/2018

Wonderful markers, they work well, fresh, not dried. Excellent quality for the price. Happy customer!

Zar*** 01/12/2018

Very good quality, received 3 of them

Zar*** 01/12/2018

Very good quality, received 3 of them

Chr*** 30/11/2018

Vibrant colors. Paper is very good quality. Was hoping for a little more paper but. Was well worth the money.