Products Not Accepted For Returns & Exchanges

Listed below are some typical products that are not accepted for a return & refund; after the product has been delivered. If you can't find your product listed below, or are not sure if your product falls under this policy, then please contact us.

Customized Products - e.g. personalized products, design services, etc.

Fresh Products - e.g. green plants, flowers, seafood, meat, fresh fruit, etc.

Virtual Products - e.g. software, digital videos, etc.

Books - e.g. magazines, books, newspapers, etc.

Services - e.g. home cleaning services, translation services, etc.

Private Products - e.g. tooth brushes, underwear, etc.

Activated Electronics - e.g. mobile phones, laptops, office supplies, etc. (once activated)

Special Products - e.g. products specially marked by seller as "can't be returned & refunded".

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