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Gra*** 01/08/2019

the ukelele is very nice.

Nig*** 01/08/2019

good product. heavy base allows good heat transmission for cooking.

The*** 01/08/2019

everything looks perfect for now but I haven't started using it yet. The packaging was perfect and the product itself looks strong,I just cant find a power button and it would have been better if it had one.

Loi*** 01/08/2019

This is a good produce easy to use and convenient for travel

Cri*** 01/08/2019

Not a good deal. The description is confussed. Its the version 1 not the version 2.

Her*** 01/08/2019

my Son love the pants so much that i did order another color . good quality.. thumbs up Pandaboo...

LER*** 01/08/2019

thank you the product is good. next time again...

Her*** 01/08/2019

Good recommendation from Pandaboo ... very good product. thank you Pandaboo and for the fast delivery.... Good Job

Mat*** 01/08/2019

Good fabric and fast delivery

Ott*** 01/08/2019

Great product. Happy with the purchase

Ott*** 01/08/2019

Goods arrived as expected. Fast delivery

Ott*** 01/08/2019

Nice set, fast delivery. Good quality

Gar*** 31/07/2019

I hoped the bristles would be softer . My gums are bleeding as a result . Maybe my gums are not very healthy as i am old . I can feel the product is eco friendly . Not plastic. That is a plus point . I will continue to use it and see how it goes

Rit*** 31/07/2019

Very beautiful and great quality, Same as shown in the picture

Rit*** 31/07/2019

Very bad quality, colour different from the picture, waste of money

Ric*** 31/07/2019

Excellent service, status updates easily tracked, great communication from their team and product was delivered quickly, effectively and as ordered. A very good shopping experience, Xie Xie !

Her*** 31/07/2019

love this packaging pack for my Pastillas. thank you Pandaboo..

Her*** 31/07/2019

good material used and good packaging of my goodies. i want to order more of this ..thank you Pandaboo.

Her*** 31/07/2019

nice toys and my granddaughter love it.

Jos*** 31/07/2019

Thanks, the package is very safe.

Her*** 30/07/2019

Good quality and arrived so fast. Good job Pandaboo...

Mar*** 30/07/2019

I’m In love with this dog stool!

Mar*** 30/07/2019

Very beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mar*** 30/07/2019

Very good quality! Love it

Pat*** 30/07/2019

The cushions look great. Very professional work and the size to 100% as ordered. Thank you !

Jos*** 30/07/2019

Product was as described. Good quality, and quick delivery.

Jos*** 30/07/2019

Product was as described. Good quality, and quick delivery.

Cha*** 30/07/2019

Just what I needed! Great service in English!

Cha*** 30/07/2019

Super fast delivery. The BBQ is planned for next weekend.

Mat*** 29/07/2019

Perfect delivery. Thank you

Mat*** 29/07/2019

Very good material. Nice fit just like in picture.

Wil*** 29/07/2019

The quality is good and the delivery was fast.

Mah*** 29/07/2019

It arrived in good conditions

Mar*** 29/07/2019

Looks very good! And beautiful colors

Mar*** 29/07/2019

Excellent for cold drinks!

Mar*** 29/07/2019

Very good quality!!!!!!!!!!!

Rol*** 29/07/2019

My pet's fur is so soft and easy to comb with this pet shower gel.

Gar*** 29/07/2019

It is a good quality canvas bag . I like the mr mao picture with the nice words to serve community. Proud to wear it back to South Africa

Sam*** 29/07/2019

Yes the quality is good. I'm making red peas soup with it today. Thanks also for the prompt delivery

Sha*** 29/07/2019

Almost too small but very beautiful

Cha*** 28/07/2019

Arrived quickly yet to use but looks sturdy and easy to use

Cha*** 28/07/2019

Nice looking cover feels great and good handy size not to bulky. Arrived quickly. Happy customer

Cha*** 28/07/2019

Happy arrived quickly easy to assemble. Strong air flow works great

Cha*** 28/07/2019

Quite large and heavy too big for husband everyday use but great as a carry all wallet for myself in my handbag. Magnet on hone case good and strong

Cha*** 28/07/2019

Good craft paint. Quite thick so good coating

Cha*** 28/07/2019

Small bags but enough to replant 3 plants. Plants thriving so happy customer

Cha*** 28/07/2019

Nice size attractive as expected

Cha*** 28/07/2019

Very happy large and healthy is growing great

Cha*** 28/07/2019

Small but healthy nice presentation in glass vase

Cha*** 28/07/2019

Healthy looking cutting will Kant and see how it goes

Wil*** 28/07/2019

Excellent service... I love the shoes.

Sha*** 28/07/2019

Very cute and stylish. Just like the picture

Gar*** 28/07/2019

I like the quality and it is beautiful.

Mar*** 28/07/2019

This shirt is very bad quality. 这件衬衫质量很差

杰特 *** 28/07/2019

Received in good packaging. good product with a reasonable price for 3 in a box.

Sha*** 28/07/2019

Very pretty and stylish, thank you

Mar*** 28/07/2019


HAR*** 28/07/2019

It's very thin, I don't even consider it a mattress because it's so thin. I use it on top of a hard mattress

Pho*** 27/07/2019

very nice. but if u are petite like me u should buy 1 size smaller than the size indicated

Gar*** 27/07/2019

It is a good product. But i do not want it . I will give it to my aunt . I made a mistake . I wanted a sleeveless product.

Jos*** 27/07/2019

Reasonable price. Good quality.

Gar*** 27/07/2019

Very good quality product. The plastic sleeves are not too thin .

Chr*** 27/07/2019

Fast shipping and the price is cheaper than the corner store.

Loi*** 27/07/2019

Thanks for quick shipping. Good produce

Mar*** 27/07/2019

at first the supplier send me the incorrect item but upon hearing my complaint pandaboo contacted the supplier and replace the item.thank you so much pandaboo and to the supplier thanks alot. item is quite good.

Mar*** 27/07/2019

Excellent quality!!!!!!!!!!

Ism*** 27/07/2019

Very comfortable in summer, fast delivery as well

NTO*** 26/07/2019

Great product and very cheap!

Gio*** 26/07/2019

I tried the burner and the player just arrived, it works very well. Really small a nice size, at a very low price

HAR*** 26/07/2019

It fits great in my kitchen shelves. Very good

Cor*** 26/07/2019

This thermal underware is perfect for very cold Chinese winters.

Cor*** 26/07/2019

Nice and soft and very warm and comfortable.

Cor*** 26/07/2019

Love it! Keeps me. Warm in very cold Chinese winters.

Cor*** 26/07/2019

I am very disappointed in this product as it doesn't really work very well.

Cor*** 26/07/2019

Excellent, I am so happy that I could order this on Pandaboo so that I don't have to buy it in the shop.

Cor*** 26/07/2019

I am so pleased with my toaster. It works well and is of an excellent built quality.

Cor*** 26/07/2019

This is a great camera of excellent quality with fantastic functions and features. The camera is also carefully shipped. I am very happy with it.

Rob*** 26/07/2019

Delivery is soon enough and the quality of the product is quite on par with its description here on PandaBoo. Customer service is on point as always ... big big plus!

Gio*** 25/07/2019

Exactly like written in the advertisement, the luggage seems pretty strong, it looks good, the zips are really resistant even the finishes are very neat. Truly a beautiful luggage.....praise

May*** 25/07/2019

I bought the whole set last week and decided I wanted another Maya. And it was really fast getting to for the second time. So happy

NTO*** 25/07/2019

This is the best velvet fabric, the quality is excellent! Satisfied customer!

Sar*** 25/07/2019

I use as topping for noodles dish and it's richer the flavor.

Sar*** 25/07/2019

The Texture is amazingly similar to duck meat. I would recommend as additional dish. Thank you PandaBoo x

Vin*** 25/07/2019

Excellent service! They are very good. Quality of screen is very good

Mar*** 25/07/2019

Very good quality! !!!!!!!!!!!!

Sam*** 25/07/2019

Very fast shipping and good quality

Gar*** 25/07/2019

I use it with soap and water to make bubbles so kids can blow

Mar*** 25/07/2019

This is the worst thing I’ve ever ordered from PandaBoo. It shipped very slowly and when it arrived, it was not the same thickness, pattern or color as the picture. It is two thin sheets made of cheap curtain material, not a real set.

Sha*** 25/07/2019

Beautiful, I love it, thank you

Ott*** 25/07/2019

Fast delivery. Nice quality

Co *** 25/07/2019

Size is good, shape as well. Quality seems fine.

Sar*** 25/07/2019

This was our repeat order. Will continue to buy. It’s good to have it hot but it’s great to have it cold. Thank you PandaBoo x

Mar*** 25/07/2019

actually i buy it for a friend and she like it very much.she said its comfy and light. thanks to pandaboo too for their support

Gar*** 24/07/2019

They look like good quality . Small enough to freeze some sauce after i opened a large bottle .

Sha*** 24/07/2019

Beautiful and well fit dress

Gar*** 24/07/2019

The first impression is that the product is very light for transportation to my country . It is stylish , real shell and i can feel every piece has its own unique color and lovely polished.

Co *** 24/07/2019

Thé quality is good. The shape is really classic.

Sar*** 24/07/2019

My husband loves the scent. Nice packaging and fast shipping. Thank you PandaBoo x

Sam*** 24/07/2019

I am lactose so this milk is perfect for me. Second time ordering it. And the delivery speed was quick too.

SEA*** 24/07/2019

The distribution of water is even. The delivery was also swift. I love it!