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Kha*** 15/08/2019

Fast shipping and I got what I need.

Sha*** 15/08/2019

Love my electric pot. So glad I ordered it. Thank you

Lor*** 15/08/2019

The cheese was very good and kept cool during. delivery.

And*** 15/08/2019

Original product. Very fast delivery.

And*** 15/08/2019

Matches the pictures. Easy to use. Quality feeling.

Nig*** 15/08/2019

reasonable quality for an excellent price.

Kha*** 15/08/2019

Beautyful colored. Thank you.

San*** 14/08/2019

Great value for money. Happy with this purchase. Thanks Pandaboo!

Lil*** 14/08/2019

Good quality , GREAT service. VERY satisfied

LIZ*** 14/08/2019

The delivery was fast. Good quality and I’m actually using it right now

LIZ*** 14/08/2019

I received the parcel today. It fits my daughter well and it looks just like how it is in the picture.

SEA*** 14/08/2019

Easy to mount. Delivery was also swift.

Ale*** 14/08/2019

Good quality. Can easily and precisely cut through a thick cardboard box.

ann*** 14/08/2019

recieve it .thank you pandaboo

Roz*** 14/08/2019

Очень хорошее качество пакетов! И их много!

Lor*** 14/08/2019

Delivery is super quick and I love this litter! It flushable and really helps to control the odor. I have recommended it to other cat owners.

Lor*** 14/08/2019

It was bigger than I imagined but my son loved the backpack. The zippers are a bit hard to maneuver because they are designed to be hidden.

Lor*** 14/08/2019

Not the size figs I usually like. They are tiny popcorn size figs. They are not too hard and had a good flavor.

Lor*** 14/08/2019

Quick delivery and my family loves this milk. Will purchase again.

Gra*** 14/08/2019

This microwave is big enough for the family.

Gra*** 14/08/2019

The juicer is good. I will order one more.

Gra*** 14/08/2019

This is a light material shoes and its also good for running.

Gra*** 14/08/2019

Got the two boxes of pencil. The quality is good.

Gra*** 14/08/2019

Th8s is ver useful with my package. Thanks.

Gra*** 14/08/2019

Got all the pickles. The taste is really yummy.

JOJ*** 14/08/2019

Very good quality and delivered in good condition. Thank you!

Rob*** 14/08/2019

Indian Spices and Masala Chai ... something I cannot live without :) ... thx PandaBoo!

Ang*** 14/08/2019

Perfect size for my husband, good buy.

Roz*** 14/08/2019

Coming with delivery so fast, quality good. Thanks

San*** 14/08/2019

Excellent quality and super thick and warm.

San*** 14/08/2019

Great quality. Good buy. Very happy with the purchase.

Loi*** 14/08/2019

I received a battery on time. Will do business again. Thanks

Kha*** 14/08/2019

Easy to use and I love it.

JOJ*** 14/08/2019

It’s a beautiful one, my daughter loves it and it’s of good quality

Mat*** 13/08/2019

Works perfectly , customer service very helpful

Mat*** 13/08/2019

Strong chair just like the description on the site.

Gar*** 13/08/2019

Beautiful and a good brand is always reliable

Roz*** 13/08/2019

So fast coming with delivery . So good

Rob*** 13/08/2019

Good quality tea and timely delivery...thumbs up as always!

Mih*** 13/08/2019

Quick delivery, awesome beer! :)

Adr*** 13/08/2019

Quick delivery, well packaged

Adr*** 13/08/2019

Quick delivery, well packaged, great product

Jua*** 13/08/2019

Great quality. Very comfortable. Very comfortable when walking far. They are rather heavy. Makes a little clapping noise when walking.

Jua*** 13/08/2019

Easy to assemble. Too many gadgets. Pullies are a little in the way of your feet when doing sit-ups. Wood in bench seems bad quality but it is holding my weight for over a month now. I am 95kg.

Jua*** 13/08/2019

Good quality weights, bad quality rubbers. Gets the job done for an affordable price. no weight defects.

Jua*** 13/08/2019

Acceptable quality. Looks good and very comfortable. The style is very odd and should be taken into account.

Jua*** 13/08/2019

Amazing quality, great price. Keep in mind they are table stands and not wall mounts.

Jua*** 13/08/2019

Amazing quality for the price. keep in mind they are table stands and not a wall mount.

Jua*** 13/08/2019

Good quality exterior. Bigger than you would expect. Vibration breaks very quickly and has some defects. Head is very comfortable for friction. Not worth more than 35rmb though.

Jua*** 13/08/2019

Very good quality for the price. Very comfortable and lots of breathing holes for your feet to get fresh air. They are quite heavy, but are very good for when you have to be on your feet for a few hours.

Jua*** 13/08/2019

Good quality, no defects, good price.

Jua*** 13/08/2019

Rare cards are mostly good quality. Some defects on some cards. Some cards are cut out of shape and have the wrong names, but most are very good copies of the originals (90 - 99% quality of the orignal cards). Worth buying for this price if you dont mind getting maybe 10 to 15 of some cards. The rare cards makes it totally worth it though.

Jua*** 13/08/2019

Very good quality with no defects. Price is very reasonable and products are very well packed.

Gar*** 13/08/2019

I am very impressed. The color is great and feels good in hand . Of course the quality will be seen in a few years

SEA*** 13/08/2019

The book was promptly delivered and I think it's a useful book for anyone who wants to learn Chinese without assistance.

Mar*** 13/08/2019

Great for brewing coffee thanks

Mar*** 12/08/2019

its so good in pork stew with radish and water celery...we called it "sinigang" in my country.The tamarind is so sour that fit so much in my pork stew. thanks pandaboo and to the courier thanks alot....will buy again

Ale*** 12/08/2019

Good quality. Fast delivery. This product is great to cut the sharp corners on laminated stuff.

Wil*** 12/08/2019

Exactly as the picture....

Cha*** 12/08/2019

Arrived quickly has a crack on edge so hope dosnt impact on quality.

Adr*** 12/08/2019

Great product. Superfast delivery but didn't receive tracking info so had to pay extra to collect.

Kha*** 12/08/2019

It's works very well. Thank you.

Loi*** 12/08/2019

I received a produce. It’s came with everything included. Will order more one I test it this week

ann*** 11/08/2019

recieve my order and im so happy it is exactly the same as the picture.thank you so much pandaboo.

Gra*** 11/08/2019

The soaps have a nice scent.

Gra*** 11/08/2019

Got all the items in a safe plastic and they are good.

Jos*** 11/08/2019

Good quality, nice response from the vendor and pandaboo.

Mar*** 11/08/2019

I love it! Quality very good with excellent price!

Lor*** 11/08/2019

Got my popcorn it is good and it tastes very nice

Kha*** 11/08/2019

It's broken after use first time.

Kha*** 11/08/2019

Good quality and fit very on my door.

Kha*** 11/08/2019

It's delicious.Thank you.

Adr*** 11/08/2019

Arrived quickly to correct destination. Item is working. Great value.

Mat*** 11/08/2019

Great fit. Friendly delivery.

Ric*** 11/08/2019

Excellent product. Works like a charm, German engineering at it’ s best... great service from the PandaBoo team to deliver in a timely manner. Would recommend using their services to anyone

Gra*** 10/08/2019

I like the smell its very nice

Nig*** 10/08/2019

price was excellent. works well. and looks stylish

Cha*** 10/08/2019

Will need to test it while doing sport, but just the right size

Cha*** 10/08/2019

Not a very big bag, but it does the job.

Cha*** 10/08/2019

Just what we needed for our new kite. Super long wire!

Sha*** 10/08/2019

I love it, it's super cute and stylish

Sha*** 10/08/2019

A beautiful bag and incredible quality

HAR*** 10/08/2019

It's fun and relaxing, and the final result.is very beautiful

Rob*** 10/08/2019

It would be great if delivery from one supplier is charged all at once instead of once per item ... in fact, there is no way currently to tell on the platform whether or not items ordered are actually from the same store ... it would be of great help if items are grouped in terms of suppliers so that it's much easier to give reviews and revisit later on ...

Sar*** 10/08/2019

Good tough product to be chewed and pulled a lot and hard by our dog and it's still survived. Thank you PandaBoo.

Ang*** 10/08/2019

It’s a good size for my husband and good quality. Thank you.

Jos*** 10/08/2019

Practical and good quality, highly recommended

Sam*** 10/08/2019

Thank you and have a good day

Jos*** 10/08/2019

Nice quality, bad flavor but effective

Mih*** 10/08/2019

Super quick delivery (2 days), this time even better quality cashew nuts, very tasty! Highly recommended!

Jos*** 10/08/2019

Very good product, delivered on time, high quality

Gra*** 10/08/2019

I like this product , its also cheap

Gar*** 10/08/2019

Very beautiful. I bought it for my aunt whom os old . The flat heels are best and very soft for an old lady . She is a foreigner and i think lovely cultural exchange from china

Gra*** 10/08/2019

This is the secibd time I bought this product. Its delicious

Gra*** 10/08/2019

I like the smell of the toothpaste.

Mat*** 09/08/2019

The colour and fabric is perfect. Fast and friendly delivery. Thank you

Jos*** 09/08/2019

Very fast shipping. The price is very reasonable.

Jos*** 09/08/2019

The deal is so good for 100 pieces.

Lin*** 09/08/2019

Exactly what I needed. Super fast shipping.

Sha*** 09/08/2019

Love, love, love...fast shipping too