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SEA*** 29/07/2017

The quality is acceptable for the price of the glossy pairs, but for the dull ones, the price is exaggerate.

Tim*** 29/07/2017

I received the produc, it fits me, and I like the flat shoe

Tim*** 29/07/2017

it's a good product ,portable in size and not heavy, however it makes noise when using it

SEA*** 29/07/2017

Excellent qualit. Beyond what I expecte. Above the Chinese good rating.

Jua*** 29/07/2017

All perfect! :) :(:):):):):):

FLO*** 29/07/2017

Yes i received afternoon time and it's good.

Cec*** 28/07/2017

Yes the item is good and now I am very much convenient using my phone holder.thank you

Cec*** 28/07/2017

Yes the item has a very clear audio and in good performance.thank you

Cec*** 28/07/2017

Yes the item is very much in good condition satisfactory.thank you

Apr*** 28/07/2017

i will order again around 15 dresses. 

SEA*** 28/07/2017

The quality is acceptabl. Thank yo.

FLO*** 28/07/2017

I received already and i like it. Thanks !

Apr*** 27/07/2017

i super like it. i will order again for sure. 

FLO*** 27/07/2017

I did received already and i like it. Thanks

Jos*** 27/07/2017

High quality computer speakers. I love them, thank you very much for your great job.

Apr*** 27/07/2017

nice. i love it

Apr*** 26/07/2017

i so love it. great items.

Apr*** 26/07/2017

love it! please make more designs

han*** 26/07/2017

it's so cute and nice... I want more soon..

Tim*** 26/07/2017

the product is in good condition

don*** 25/07/2017

my old one has been cut by my kid. i have used it for more than 5 years. i bought the same one.

Gul*** 24/07/2017

It Works fine and smoothly.

Pal*** 18/07/2017

The sticking capability is not good. I put 2 on the door of the cabinet and my 1 year old baby pulled the door and the clip came out.

Pal*** 18/07/2017

Value for money. Good quality plastic.

Pal*** 18/07/2017

Very stong and good quality plastic. Looks expensive but is very cheap.

Pal*** 18/07/2017

Very nice quality and strong suction.

Pal*** 18/07/2017

Very nice quality. Sound and light combination with bubbles is perfect. My baby enjoys it. Just the bubbles go down too quickly rest is good.

Pal*** 18/07/2017

Looks beautiful and very nice quality. Highly recommended for this price. The hot and cold functions are very nice with very little machine sound. Very happy with the product.