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bottle opener A full set of kitchen knives Adhesive strip Air conditioner Air cushion bed Air fragrance Alarm clock Allen wrench anti-radiation glasses Apron Aquarium fish Aquarium/aquarium Aromatherapy Aromatherapy candle Aromatherapy candle Artificial Green Plant Ashtray Baby hand sanitizer Baking mold Baking Tools Baking/grilling Balm / sunstroke / Stasis medica Bamboo mat Banner Bath brush Bath Towel Bathroom Jiaojia / Stands Bathroom supplies Bathtub battery charger Bean bag Bed bed sheet and quilt cover Bedding Bedding kit / four-piece / multi Bedspread Bike hook Birthday decoration Blanket bleach Bookcase bookshelf bowl Bread knife Broom Brush bubble bath Bulb Button Button Battery CABINET Cabinet handle Cabinets Cake Box Candle&Candleholder Cane chair Car thermal box Care agent Carpet carton Ceramic tile chair cover Chairs Change shoe bench Chinese New Year Decoration Chopper Christmas decoration Christmas decorations Christmas tree Claw hammer Cleaning brush Cleaning utensils Cleaning Wipes Clip Clock Coat rack Coat/suit cover Coffee accessories Coffee cup Coffee filter Coffee Pot Coffee Table Colander Cold kettle Compression bag Computer Desk Container basket Cooker accessories Cookware set Cotton Thread Cough and cold Creative / Design Toy Crisper Cross stitch Cross stitch kit cup Cup holder Cup mat Cups Curtain Curtain track Cushion Custom curtain cutting board Decoration Decoration bottle Decorative bowl Decorative hook Decorative light Decorative painting Decorative table lamp Degradable tableware / green tab Desiccant Dishwashing liquid Disinfectant Disposable lunch box Door seal Doorbell Down / feathers Drawer Dressing mirror Dried flower Drying rack Dumplings Duvet Egg beater Elastic band Electric blanket Electric box electric kettle Electrostatic dust paper Fabric / fabric / handmade diy f Fabric softener Faucets Felt Fiber Pillow Filling Filter Filter / water purifier Finishing rack/rack/storage rack fish tank accesories Fish tank filter Fitted sheet Flat mop Floor cleaner Floor lamp Floor mat Floral ribbon Flour sieve Flower basket Flower pillow Flower pot Flower seeds Flower stand Fly swatter Folding bed Folding bench Folding Screen Folding screen Folding table & chairs Food package Food paper Foot bath salt Fork Fork/spoon/chopstick freshness protection package Fruit basket Fruit Bowl Fruit bowl / fruit bowl / fruit Frying pan/pan funnel furniture Futon Garbage bag Garbage rack Gardening Supplies Gate Fence Glass Glass cleaner Glass sticker Grater vegetables / fruits knife Green plant Grill Hammer Hand pressure drinker hand sanitizer Hand warmer Hanger Head towel / cover Home flagon Home Hardware Hook Hook / clothes hook Hook / sticky hook Hook bag Hot water bottle Housework gloves Hygrometer ice bag Ice cubes Ice tray Ice trays / braking COOLER Insecticide Ironing board Ironing board cover Kitchen and bathroom accessories Kitchen Gadget kitchen knife Kitchen mixer Kitchen paper towel Kitchen Scale Kitchen shelf Kitchen shelf/corner Knife Knife / fork / spoon Knife grinder Knife Holder Knitting Needle Ladder Ladle Laminate towing Lamp Laptop lifting desk laundry ball Laundry basket Laundry liquid lazy sofa LED light Leisure blanket / blanket / carp Lid Lighter Lighting Accessories lounge chair Lucky Cat Lunch box Lunch box bag Magnetic stickers Magnetic strip mask Mask (instrument) Mattress Mattress / mattress / bed pad / measuring glass Measuring spoon meat hammer Men aftershave Milk Cup / Milk Cup milk pot Mirror Mold decay Mop mop Mop / broom Mop bucket Mop, mop bucket Mosquito Mosquito lamp / mosquito repelle Mosquito Net mothproof Mug Multi-function knife Multi-purpose cleaner Multifunction vegetable device napkin Night light Nightgown/bathrobe Non-woven wallpaper Nutrient soil Oil stain cleaner oil-proof sticker Other aquarium equipment Other bathroom accessories Other cleaning supplies Other pouch Packaging cartons Paint Pan Pants rack Paper bag Paper cup Paper holder Parcel bag/woven bag Party decoration Peeling garlic / garlic press Photo frame Photo Wall Pillow Pillow / Pillow / Pillow / Neck Pillow case Pillow inner Pipe dredger Pipeline dredger Placemat Planting tool Plastic bag storage plastic wrap Plates Portable scale / hanging scale Presbyopic glasses Pressure cooker Pressure cooker purify water quality Quilt quilt cover Radiator shelf rag Rain cover Razor accessories Refrigerator magnetic stickers Rhinestone Ribbon/ribbon/cloth tape Rodenticide Rolling pin rust remover Sachet Safe pin Safety lock Sanitary Appliances Screen window Sealed jar Sealer Seasoning pot Seat cushion seeds Sewing tools Shaver Sheet Shelf / Shelf Shoe Rack Shoebox Shovel Shower Shower / shower head Shower curtain Shower curtain rod shower head Sideboard Simulated plant Sink drainer Skirting Sleep Mask Slipper Smart home Sneaker cleaner Soap box Sock / socks / stockings / sofa sofa bed Sofa chair Sofa cover Soup pot souring pad Space Cup Speaker Stand Spice jar Sponge Spray bottle sprayer sprinkler Steamer Steamer / Iron Steamer basket Stew pot / stew / soup pot Sticky hook Stool stool Storage Bag Storage box Storage Box Storage box/box Storage shelf surveying water pen Swiss watch Table table Table cloth Table lamp table mat Table Runner Tablecloth / cover Tableware Tableware cage/rack tap Tape / tape / tape Tape measure Tapestry Tea filter Tea set Teapot The bed head Thermos cup Tile / glass stickers Tin paper / oil paper Tissue Toaster Toilet brush Toilet brush Toilet Cleaner Toilet cover Toilet paper Toiletries Kit Toolbox Toolkit toothpick Towel Trace / parchment paper trash can Trolley Case TV cabinet TV cover TV Shelf Umbrella Umbrella rain gear Underwear storage box USB thermal disc / thermal pad Utensils holder Vaporizer Vase Wall decoration Wall lamp Wall Sticker Wallpaper Wardrobe Warmer / pad Washing bag Washing Machine Cover Washing powder Water drag Water jar Water Purifier Wedding festival Weight scale Western food spoon Western fork Western tableware set Western Tool Wet toilet paper Whetstone Wind chimes Window seal Wine cabinet Wine glass Wine rack Wire box Wok Wool Wool cleaning Yulian accessories Zipper ziplock bag 开罐器

Ils*** 08/06/2021

Good quality and quick delivery.

Jen*** 13/04/2021

Great product fast delivery

Nig*** 17/07/2020

works great for opening beer cans so you don't need a glass

Pau*** 03/05/2020

Nice and strong, should last a long time! Even with repeated use :)

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