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Kha*** 16/08/2019

The quality is ok.It's help wheh I have to buy many stuffs from supermarket.

Lor*** 14/08/2019

It was bigger than I imagined but my son loved the backpack. The zippers are a bit hard to maneuver because they are designed to be hidden.

Jos*** 10/08/2019

Practical and good quality, highly recommended

Ste*** 06/08/2019

Very good quality watches worth the value. I love them

Sal*** 03/08/2019

Very good and classy I love it

Ste*** 03/08/2019

Very nice product of high quality. Value for money

Ste*** 03/08/2019

Nice quality, real value for money

Ste*** 03/08/2019

N8ce quality, real value for money

Gio*** 25/07/2019

Exactly like written in the advertisement, the luggage seems pretty strong, it looks good, the zips are really resistant even the finishes are very neat. Truly a beautiful luggage.....praise

Gar*** 20/07/2019

The wallet smells and feels like good leather . Nice and soft and very stylish . The 2 zippers allows for more coin storage . There is an inside zipper to protect some large notes or small invoice etc . Large space to store money . I like the logo too. Highly recommended to buy .

Zar*** 11/07/2019

This is natural agate, very pretty!

Zar*** 11/07/2019

The olive crystal beads are glass, not natural. The green ghost beads are dyed clear quartz

Zar*** 11/07/2019

These are glass beads, not citrine, very pretty though

Zar*** 11/07/2019

These are very nice beads, genuine quartz

Gar*** 05/07/2019

Pretty and useful . Combine with glass stones to decorate my lamp

Ott*** 03/07/2019

Fast delivery, and nice quality. Happy with the product.

Vin*** 01/07/2019

One is transparent and the other isn't very.

Tim*** 26/06/2019

Nice quality. Will see how it wears in. Would love a black one and a natural leather one too.

Ale*** 24/06/2019

Loved your customer service! The bags arrived in 3 days!

Tim*** 23/06/2019

They turned up quick and are exactly what I wanted. Good quality too.

Ros*** 21/06/2019

Products are of excellent quality. Fast delivery and very good service

Lut*** 21/06/2019

Fast, good goods gladly again

Ale*** 21/06/2019

Looks like a good quality. Neatly packed

Ale*** 21/06/2019

Look like a good quality. Nicely packed

Hei*** 19/06/2019

The suitcases where advertised as samsonite Camille and when we got it it was a make of American tourister,Kamiliant. We are very disappointed in the false advertising and also that there is damage on the one suitcase. Two of the corners has dents in and the lock is loose.

Ste*** 18/06/2019

I like the high quality at an affordable price.

Abr*** 17/06/2019

Your service is truly amazing. My hats off to your team.

Ste*** 14/06/2019

Very good quality. Value for money

Ste*** 14/06/2019

Exellent quality. Good vaue for money

Mic*** 14/06/2019

Good quality and Very fast delivery!

Ste*** 11/06/2019

Excellent product and is of high quality

Lut*** 11/06/2019

delivered quickly, exactly as described

Sar*** 09/06/2019

Nicely wraps around my neck. Love it!

Ane*** 09/06/2019

Looks good - still need to try out.

Ane*** 09/06/2019

Good quality - quite spacious. Quick delivery, in time for travels.

Pal*** 08/06/2019

Bought it for my husband and he absolutely loved it. Just perfect for short business trip.

Lin*** 06/06/2019

Good quality, thank you very much

Way*** 05/06/2019

Very happy with these. They came so fast and are nice and portable fitting in my pocket.

Mar*** 03/06/2019

So nice and I love it thanks

Mag*** 03/06/2019

Good quality, nice packaging. Sturdy

Ott*** 29/05/2019

Very fast delivery. Nice quality

Lin*** 28/05/2019

I like the quality, thank you very much

War*** 26/05/2019

Well made. Not expensive and good quality.

Ale*** 22/05/2019

Just perfect, sturdy, nice color as well.

Sha*** 21/05/2019

Wallet is ok, the opening gets stuck

Mon*** 17/05/2019

Very nice watch! perfect for an active kid!

Mon*** 17/05/2019

Incredible product for the price. Will test in June to see if it is strong, looks good!

Jol*** 17/05/2019

I like both of them. Might buy for someone special.

Pau*** 15/05/2019

Watches look good and packaged well if you wanted to use as a gift. Quick delivery!

Jam*** 12/05/2019

It's pink, 'rouge' is pink. It looks brown on the computer, but it's pink. So I am a 45 year old man with a new pink wallet. It's a very nice pink wallet, though.

Jos*** 11/05/2019

Totally recommendable, high durability and discreet look,

Chu*** 10/05/2019

Pretty and strong but much, much thinner than the picture indicates.

Hea*** 07/05/2019

This is a decent suitcase, but it is smaller than I thought it would be and I am not sure what to use the small case for. It rolls very nicely. Because it is smaller, I may have to order another bigger suitcase unfortunately.

Jul*** 07/05/2019

Large nice quality suitcase, recommend

Rol*** 07/05/2019

Good service. Fast delivery indeed and i am satisfied with the product quality.

Ele*** 28/04/2019

Delivery was in time and the necklace is great! Really Chinese style which I like. Thanks! Buy on Oandaboo!

Ele*** 28/04/2019

Thanks to the suppliers of PandaBoo. The delivery was really fast and the quality is good for that price. I do recommend PandaBoo!!!

Jam*** 25/04/2019

Big enough to fit credit cards, too.

Ale*** 20/04/2019

Wonderful product, sturdy and beautiful color.

Jam*** 19/04/2019

Great product! Fits even long keys.

Son*** 10/04/2019

Arrive as expected good and satisfied

Mik*** 05/04/2019

So pretty and dainty! Very fast delivery

WEI*** 31/03/2019

Nice and super fast delivery .❤

Tit*** 29/03/2019

Pretty good, thanks PandaBoo.

Bha*** 14/03/2019

This is a very pretty pair of earrings. My sister will love it.

Kaz*** 14/03/2019

Perfect size to sit on top of my rolling suitcase. A nice weekend getaway bag. Love the waterproof factor about ir!

Bha*** 12/03/2019

These ear clips are beautiful. I am very happy.

Bha*** 12/03/2019

These ear clips were exactly what I was looking for. I have added another one to my cart, in gold.

Ale*** 10/03/2019

Gorgeous earrings, great purchase!

Ang*** 24/02/2019

Buy this one for the second time because when my son saw the first watch i bought he said he want also..Highly recommend..

Ang*** 20/02/2019

Very nice watch fashionable and elegant in very affordable price..

Kel*** 20/02/2019

It came broken, do not buy this

Ana*** 14/02/2019

Bracelet broke 5 minutes after wearing! It is very cute, but not wearable.

Tit*** 06/01/2019

The quality is very good! It was sent to wrong address and I do not speak Mandarin. Pandaboo teams helped getting my package to be delivered to my address, thanks Pandaboo, you are superb!

Dew*** 05/01/2019

Amazing quality, fast delivery.

Dav*** 02/01/2019

Looks beautiful although the packaging looks old.

Tit*** 01/01/2019

I received them well in good condition. I hope it will work well, thanks Pandaboo.

Moh*** 31/12/2018

I certify with the service

Tit*** 30/12/2018

I received it in good condition, hopefully it will be genuine Tiens product. Thanks Pandaaboo

Jov*** 28/12/2018

I love it

Dav*** 27/12/2018

Sturdy and lightweight. Nice design.

Tit*** 27/12/2018

I received the package in good condition. Thanks Pandaboo!

Ani*** 26/12/2018

Yes it is good ... according to price ... but this time delivery too late ... but sometime be happen ...

Dia*** 24/12/2018

Love the suitcase, just what I was expecting, the material is really good!

Chu*** 24/12/2018

A beautiful, good quality necklace. Appears to be real silver. Worth the money.

Zar*** 24/12/2018

Very cute wallet perfect for teen

Dav*** 22/12/2018

Elegant craftsmanship. Each came with jeweler’s certifiction.

Chu*** 21/12/2018

Terrible! Very disappointed! Does not look like the pictures at all. Is not Olympus branded. Cheap rubbish and a waste of money!

Ten*** 19/12/2018

The earring rack arrived safely and quickly.

Ron*** 18/12/2018

The price is affordable it nice gift this christmas.

Bru*** 18/12/2018

Good product! Works just fine and fast delivery

Lex*** 18/12/2018

I love this suitcase!! It is better than I expected. Really good quality and I am looking forward to using it next month to travel to South Africa. Just a pity the instructions on using the combination lock are in Chinese - but I will get these translated. Very happy with my purchase and speedy delivery.

Ale*** 18/12/2018

Great product, thank you. Sleek design.

Nur*** 18/12/2018

Fast service. My husband like it.

Pet*** 10/12/2018

the watch i like the design but it doesn't work.. it doesn't stay on and power off 3 seconds after power on

Nig*** 10/12/2018

Smart looking band. Substantial it

Mic*** 10/12/2018

Cheap and cheerful. Good for kids

Iry*** 08/12/2018

Satisfied with delivery and with quality.

Iry*** 08/12/2018

I’m satisfied with quality.

Jay*** 08/12/2018

This is the best value for computer glasses! However they do not come with hard cases only bags so they might break in your pocket...