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Gre*** 16/08/2019

good prduct

Jov*** 16/08/2019

Not good, not smooth and very hard to remove. Not shiny at all.

Nad*** 15/08/2019

Arrived quickly and efficiently

Mat*** 13/08/2019

Works perfectly , customer service very helpful

Gra*** 11/08/2019

The soaps have a nice scent.

Gra*** 10/08/2019

I like the smell its very nice

Sha*** 06/08/2019

Its ok. Not too tight. I wish it was tighter

The*** 06/08/2019

the packaging is so beautiful! its very smooth and light on the skin,now waiting for the results

Mar*** 05/08/2019

Very big and the wires are very natural

Mar*** 03/08/2019

I love the eyelashes! Looks so natural

Ste*** 03/08/2019

The scent is not very strong, and wont last long

Nig*** 03/08/2019

quick service and delivery. quality product at excellent price.

Vin*** 02/08/2019

The smell is really really strong. The color doesn't catch on, on dark brown hair. It's been 2 days and there has been no difference. At least the conditioner makes my hair really soft.

LER*** 01/08/2019

i will used it wisely... hahah... thank you so much... even a little longer but It's fine as long as i got i in good condition...

LER*** 01/08/2019

thank you the product is good. next time again...

Her*** 01/08/2019

Good recommendation from Pandaboo ... very good product. thank you Pandaboo and for the fast delivery.... Good Job

Gar*** 31/07/2019

I hoped the bristles would be softer . My gums are bleeding as a result . Maybe my gums are not very healthy as i am old . I can feel the product is eco friendly . Not plastic. That is a plus point . I will continue to use it and see how it goes

Mar*** 29/07/2019

Looks very good! And beautiful colors

Cor*** 26/07/2019

I am very disappointed in this product as it doesn't really work very well.

Gar*** 25/07/2019

I use it with soap and water to make bubbles so kids can blow

Ism*** 24/07/2019

Arrived in time and safely packaged

Mar*** 23/07/2019

Amazing set nail!!!!! Love it

Mar*** 23/07/2019

Very good quality!!!!!!!!!!

Ism*** 22/07/2019

Good quality in affordable price.

The*** 18/07/2019

the combs are exacty as i thought they will be,no nasty surprise and the delivery guy was so nice

Gra*** 14/07/2019

I like this product. It fades pimple marks.

Mar*** 14/07/2019

It’s beautiful! And perfect size for powder

Mar*** 12/07/2019

Very good quality! Love it

Mar*** 12/07/2019

Brushes excellent quality! Very beautiful

Pal*** 11/07/2019

Really pretty sunglasses. Nice colours and a free bottle in this price is not bad.

Nad*** 09/07/2019

Works surprisingly well on naturally curly hair

Nad*** 09/07/2019

Keeps my natural curls under control in the humidity

Vid*** 09/07/2019

Arrived fast and it seems nice. I cant wait to use it. I washed it and it didn’t shed. It’s good so far.

Vid*** 09/07/2019

It arrived quickly. I haven’t tried yet. I hope it has great results.

Sar*** 07/07/2019

Love the color, just as expected. Fast shipping, good packing, overall great value. Thank you PandaBoo.

Tiz*** 03/07/2019

I reorder ed for a friend . it means I was satisfied and still I am

Mag*** 03/07/2019

Very pretty, good quality.

Mag*** 03/07/2019

Love it, good quality. So nicely packaged.

Vin*** 01/07/2019

Amazing amazing amazing! My family loved it too so I will be ordering more for them before they leave china. Shame that it takes a few more days to deliver. My hair feels super soft after use and it isn't greasy at all.

Vin*** 01/07/2019

Amazing set. Works as required!

Mar*** 30/06/2019

Very happy teenage girl. Good value

Mar*** 29/06/2019

I'm buying these things up as gifts for family and friends' teenage children back home

Mar*** 29/06/2019

Expensive in China but still better value than other similar products

SEA*** 28/06/2019

The plants are healthy but the pots are small and the soil isn't sufficient. I will have to get bigger pots and I've ordered more soil already.

Mag*** 26/06/2019

Very nice color, soft and nice smelling.

Ana*** 24/06/2019

Manufacture date on the packaging is January 2017, and I ordered this in the end of June 2019. I always order skincare from PandaBoo and I never had problem with fake or expired date products, but something that is sitting on the shelf for 2 and a half years surely is not good. So, I highly recommend to avoid this irrespective seller.

Sas*** 21/06/2019

Delivery was fast. There was no visible damage to the package. Product was good.

Leb*** 21/06/2019

Delivery service was amazing. The straightener is ok just not hot enough.

Mos*** 20/06/2019

Excellent, Thanks. Best Regards Eng. Mostafa Zaki

Zar*** 18/06/2019

Lovely beads with good facets, holes fit .6mm just fine

Gra*** 14/06/2019

This is gentle on hair, its a good product

Fra*** 14/06/2019

Great quality and super fast delivery!

Ing*** 10/06/2019

Wish it had more nail remover and cleanser.

Aye*** 10/06/2019

Exactly what I needed. Would buy again.

Gra*** 07/06/2019

I like the smell of this soap.

Sha*** 05/06/2019

I will buy more and more.

Sar*** 04/06/2019

Good long lasting lipstick. Cheers.

Ten*** 04/06/2019

Thanks for delivery it quickly. It is just like the Blixtex lip Medex. I buy in the States. Thanks for having it. I will be ordering it again.

Jam*** 03/06/2019

same as what you buy in large shops like Walmart. better value

Ron*** 01/06/2019

Yes i like this Hairstyling Gel . its really good . thank you pandaboo

Yve*** 01/06/2019

Lovely. delivery

Mag*** 31/05/2019

Nice colors. Quick response

Pal*** 30/05/2019

Second time to buy this oil. Really good and keeps skin moisturized for long time. Fast delivery and very cheap price.

FLO*** 30/05/2019

Thanks i received my items i ordered and i like the smell.

Sha*** 28/05/2019

Thank you and fast delivery

Cha*** 26/05/2019

Really nice and nourishing!

Pau*** 25/05/2019

As described, packaged well, good delivery time!

Pau*** 25/05/2019

As described and packaged well, good delivery time!

Sam*** 24/05/2019

This smells so wonderful...nice

Cin*** 23/05/2019

Very good service on this product, even got 10 /1ml sachets of bio oil as well. Very happy.

Myl*** 23/05/2019

The best!! Thank you PandaBoo!

Jol*** 22/05/2019

I got it and I can't wait to do my nails this weekend with it.

Gra*** 22/05/2019

This is so gentle abd smooth in my face. I like ut.

Gra*** 21/05/2019

I like the scebt of this perfume. It smells like COOL WATER scent if you it. I will order one more

Sam*** 21/05/2019

love it alotttttttttttttttttttt

Ane*** 21/05/2019

Items received. Much cheaper than buying in-store. Quick service.

Ane*** 21/05/2019

Have used Item. Large Container. Does the trick.

Jol*** 19/05/2019

I love this and it is so easy to put on. I bought another one to use.

Mar*** 19/05/2019

Thank you for the quick delivery of my packages. The delivery man was very friendly and professional. He helped me to carry my packages into my apartment. Great service. And the online assistants are always very helpful and professional. Thank you Pandaboo!

Cic*** 19/05/2019

Exactly as advertised and very good customer service from Pandabo

Cat*** 17/05/2019

Second time buying this product, very satisfied with it.

Mic*** 16/05/2019

The comb is very high quality. I would recommend it any day!

Sac*** 16/05/2019

the package came threw really quick and the service was amazing from pandaboo.

Yve*** 15/05/2019

Its a Nice one. I recieved it on time and I love it.

Gra*** 13/05/2019

I bought 2 pieces of this already. Its a good product

Gra*** 13/05/2019

The black one smells like men's perfume but the colors pink and yellow are for women though Im still looking for another scent. Its hard to buy online hehe

Lor*** 11/05/2019

This brand of hair color is excellent. I really love it.

Lor*** 11/05/2019

I rate this product an average or 3 because as we all know that Pandaboo is an english online shop. It should be that the product you are selling must have an english instruction because most of your customers are foreigner who understand only english language. More improvement to Pandaboo. Thank you and have a good day.

Vid*** 10/05/2019

The color is nice, it also arrived fast. It is just small so it will be consumed faster.

Hen*** 10/05/2019

Great price and nice colours!

Gra*** 10/05/2019

Its so small and expensive. I dont know how effectuve this is maybe use this many times.

Gra*** 10/05/2019

I like the smell and its gentle on my hair

Lor*** 08/05/2019

I always have a good feedback in Pandaboo but now this oil that I ordered has a very bad smell.

Lin*** 08/05/2019

Absolutely adorable. Very well made and will order again.

Tam*** 07/05/2019

Fast delivery, decent price, seems to be good.

Ale*** 07/05/2019

Hair from the sid looks awesome but the bangs look fake, not natural.

Ale*** 07/05/2019

Interesting wig, need ce hair, brown color.

Gra*** 06/05/2019

I like this highlighter it enhances my face

Cha*** 06/05/2019

Very cute containers will be great for lip balm. Quick to arrive. Happy customer

bet*** 06/05/2019

Product is good and fast delivery