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Lut*** 16/08/2019

exactly as described, very fast shipping, gladly again

Roz*** 14/08/2019

Coming with delivery so fast, quality good. Thanks

Jua*** 13/08/2019

Easy to assemble. Too many gadgets. Pullies are a little in the way of your feet when doing sit-ups. Wood in bench seems bad quality but it is holding my weight for over a month now. I am 95kg.

Jua*** 13/08/2019

Good quality weights, bad quality rubbers. Gets the job done for an affordable price. no weight defects.

Cha*** 10/08/2019

Will need to test it while doing sport, but just the right size

Hou*** 08/08/2019

I love these shoes! They fit perfectly and are very comfortable!!

Cha*** 08/08/2019

Arrived quickly. Husband happy with product

Loi*** 06/08/2019

Thank you, I received a backpacker. It is a good produce.

Sam*** 06/08/2019

Fits great. N delivered on time

Rai*** 05/08/2019

Thanks Pandaboo for the fast delivery. I received the right item and right size. Im happy with your service! Thanks and till my next order!

Rai*** 05/08/2019

The size is just perfect for my son! Thanks Pandaboo! I like the quality and its worth the price of the item! Thanks and till next time :)

Rai*** 05/08/2019

I like the color and the fabric! Thanks Pandaboo

Pat*** 02/08/2019

It looks good and the quality seems also quite well, BUT it is actually not allowed to write SWISS , you should change it to SVVISS, I mean in the description. (I'm Swiss.)

Lut*** 16/07/2019

very fast delivery also well packed again

Pie*** 15/07/2019

Received the product. Exactly as advertised. Well packaged and very happy with the service. Have not had time to fit it yet though. But had a look and very happy with the quality

Tiz*** 14/07/2019

Very confortable and fast delivery

Tiz*** 14/07/2019

Fast delivery and good products . the white model is lighter than the other model so more recommended for hotter periods but both of them are so confortable. Very satisfied

Pal*** 11/07/2019

Fast delivery and good shoes. The workmanship however is not clean.

Ten*** 11/07/2019

Just want I was looking for. It fits will and is very comfortable. Thanks for a very quick delivery.

Ott*** 11/07/2019

Great bicycle for the kids! Happy with the quality

Roe*** 10/07/2019

Thank you for your service

Roe*** 10/07/2019

Yes i got it thanks for good delivery

Roe*** 09/07/2019

Thanks ask good quality so much thanks

Roe*** 09/07/2019

Thanks for the good service pandaboo

SEA*** 07/07/2019

The quality is good for the price at which it's sold. I'd recommend it to anyone looking for some good but affordable.

Mar*** 05/07/2019

A bit thin for me, but useful for travel as it fits into a regular suitcase or backpack

Ott*** 03/07/2019

Great quality! Delighted with the product

Vin*** 03/07/2019

Absolutely amazing. Very useful so we bought more.

Jam*** 03/07/2019

not the colour I ordered. i wanted black. it will do but be careful to specify the colour you want, don;t rely on the photo

GER*** 03/07/2019

I'm very happy with the quality. Speedy delivery

Vin*** 01/07/2019

Works perfectly. It's quite long and feels safe enough.

Vin*** 01/07/2019

Excellent functionality! We liked them so much we got one for each of the family! The sizes are accurate too.

Vin*** 01/07/2019

Excellent functionality! We liked them so much we got one for each of the family! The sizes are accurate too.

Vin*** 01/07/2019

Excellent functionality! We liked them so much we got one for each of the family! The sizes are accurate too.

Vin*** 01/07/2019

Excellent functionality! We liked them so much we got one for each of the family! The sizes are accurate too.

Gui*** 01/07/2019

It looks like a very good tool, good materials, excellent price

Son*** 30/06/2019

I love it. It fits well and is comfortable.

GER*** 30/06/2019

Very good quality I would recommend it to anyone

Mar*** 30/06/2019

Decent enough kick board. Will get another

Mar*** 30/06/2019

Seems good enough quality.

Mar*** 29/06/2019

They look a bit daft but have been very handy already!

Jol*** 28/06/2019

These are reality comfortable and I really can't wait to use them.

Mic*** 27/06/2019

This is by far the worst product I have ever bought on PandaBoo. It falls apart and you don't get all the tools you need to completely tighten all the bolts. I even bought Some tools to assemble the bicycle and still It falls appart. Don't Buy This!

Gui*** 26/06/2019

Tiny cut bell with a loud tone, easy to mount, good quality

Sha*** 21/06/2019

Good quality and fast shipping

Eri*** 20/06/2019

Good Nice design. Great price.

Eri*** 20/06/2019

Great fit Nice design. Bra doesn't fit but i wasn't expecting It to.

Jam*** 17/06/2019

perfect. exactly as ordered

Ott*** 17/06/2019

Very happy with the product. Fast delivery

Ott*** 16/06/2019

Very nice bicycle. Fast delivery

Mag*** 15/06/2019

Nice sturdy device. Good quality

Amy*** 15/06/2019

Backpack looks good. Large space and came with some extra bags. Will travel with it this summer.

JOJ*** 14/06/2019

Quality stuff, soft in skin and really protects you from the sun.

Jol*** 13/06/2019

The quality is really good and it fits very well.

Jar*** 13/06/2019

Good product, very compact and usefull

Jus*** 09/06/2019

This was my 5th order already and I really like it!

Pal*** 08/06/2019

Very very beautiful bag. I hope the quality is as good as it looks. Recommended to buy.

Dav*** 06/06/2019

Arrived well packed. Authentic product. Expectations are met.

Len*** 06/06/2019

Havent tried yet, but the quality looks great

Ama*** 04/06/2019

Very sturdy and good quality as advertised. Very fast delivery

Ama*** 04/06/2019

Wonderful products! I have used the yoga ring every day to stretch my back and work on my core. The pilates ring helps to tone my arms!

Ama*** 04/06/2019

Excellent! Quick delivery and great quality! Fabric is very nice.

Ama*** 04/06/2019

Great product! Dries very quickly and is great for my use at the gym pool or out hiking and swimming!

Aln*** 31/05/2019

It's big. It's very useful to me. I can put a lot of things in it..

Ott*** 31/05/2019

Happy with the product. Arrived on time

Aln*** 25/05/2019

My friend liked it very much! She asked me to order one for her. ☺

Sam*** 24/05/2019

I can finally lose the unwanted pounds.

Jol*** 24/05/2019

I didn't get what was in the picture

Jol*** 24/05/2019

Its really looks good and the quality looks good.

Mar*** 23/05/2019

Good quality, exactly as shown in picture

Cic*** 19/05/2019

Good product and fast delivery

Mic*** 17/05/2019

As a person why uses these strapping professionally, I can say with certainty that this product is excellent!

Mon*** 17/05/2019

Awesome product, great quality!

Mon*** 17/05/2019

incredible product! Swimming in style.

Abe*** 16/05/2019

I liked it so much. I love the color. They deliver it very fast.

Jam*** 14/05/2019

I'm now the safest driver in Shenzhen.

Pal*** 08/05/2019

This is such good quality product. Perfect for my arthritis pain of the ankle.provides good support.

Pal*** 08/05/2019

Size is a little big but very good quality and perfect to have a good floor grip.

Pal*** 08/05/2019

Quality is not too good. Still ok.

Pal*** 08/05/2019

The mat is a bit slippery. Not suitable for extensive yoga or aerobics.

Pal*** 08/05/2019

The padding could have been better. Still suffice my needs.

Pal*** 08/05/2019

Delivery was abit slow but good quality. Worth the price.

Jul*** 07/05/2019

Nice, good quality bathing suit. The M is quite small and it is rather eu36. I recommend it :)

Jul*** 07/05/2019

The GREAT, again GREAT value of money. It looks like really expensive and high quality eq. RECOMMENDED!

Jul*** 07/05/2019

Really nice lamp, cheap.

Jul*** 06/05/2019

It is really ok, but do not make my mistake, there is only one lamp, and the GENERATION is 6, :).

Lou*** 04/05/2019

you did not send the blue yoga mat

Cha*** 04/05/2019

Great fit comfortable to wear. Great helmet st a fantastic price. Will serve it’s purpose nicely. Happy customer

Cha*** 04/05/2019

Great kids size basic helmet great for price

Sha*** 01/05/2019

Love the color, very spacious and qyick shipping

Jul*** 29/04/2019

Really good quality. Maybe it doesn't look very professional, but light is surprisingly strong. Highly recommended :)

Jul*** 28/04/2019

Great quality and value of money. I have never seen so nice holder. Fast and nice delivery. Thx :)

abu*** 28/04/2019

Value for me- Exactly same as they mentioned

Jam*** 26/04/2019

absolutely great value. my daughter is Thrilled

Jam*** 25/04/2019

Awesome helut at a great price. Will keep the policeman from ticketing you.

Mad*** 25/04/2019

Very clever design. Camera fits in the bottom.

Jam*** 24/04/2019

it shows it comes with a bottle. it dors not. otherwise it is fine

Gui*** 23/04/2019

Nice design, fits perfectly, good deal for that price

Ama*** 22/04/2019

Just as advertised! Would recommend

Gra*** 21/04/2019

This rackets have good quality. I didnt regret ordering it. Thanks!