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Kha*** 16/08/2019

I got a big one more than my expectation.

Lut*** 16/08/2019

exactly as described, very fast shipping, gladly again

Gra*** 14/08/2019

Th8s is ver useful with my package. Thanks.

JOJ*** 14/08/2019

Very good quality and delivered in good condition. Thank you!

Kha*** 12/08/2019

It's works very well. Thank you.

Jos*** 09/08/2019

Very fast shipping. The price is very reasonable.

Lin*** 09/08/2019

Exactly what I needed. Super fast shipping.

Nig*** 09/08/2019

obviously is for work. just good for use.

Jam*** 09/08/2019

very bright. does the job.

Ott*** 06/08/2019

Quality lures. Nicely packed

Ott*** 05/08/2019

Fast delivery. Great products

HAR*** 02/08/2019

I have a small closet and these cabinets are very useful to save some space

Cha*** 01/08/2019

Happy to get my RPi 4. Fits perfectly with the new cover. Ready for my next ADSB tracker!

Mar*** 29/07/2019

Excellent for cold drinks!

Mar*** 28/07/2019


HAR*** 26/07/2019

It fits great in my kitchen shelves. Very good

Ott*** 22/07/2019

Belt arrived in nice gift box. Great quality as well.

Cha*** 15/07/2019

Great received quickly feel very nice.

Nur*** 09/07/2019

I am satisfied and easy to use

Nad*** 08/07/2019

Would have liked a bigger variety of colours (my students are picky!), but otherwise an awesome gift for my students.

Gar*** 05/07/2019

As advertised. Good quality. Just dusty . But i just washed them

Gar*** 05/07/2019

As advertised. Good quality and beautiful

Nur*** 05/07/2019

I love it. Easy to use it

GER*** 04/07/2019

Very fast delivery. Thanks

Ott*** 03/07/2019

Perfect size for the requirement.

Pau*** 01/07/2019

Exactly as described, does the job well, quick delivery

Ott*** 01/07/2019

Nice products. Fast delivery

Eva*** 30/06/2019

Took a long time to deliver but the wait was worth it!

Mar*** 30/06/2019

Very useful, but difficult to set if you have fat fingers and/or poor eyesight

Mar*** 29/06/2019

Better than expected. The boy loves it.

Mar*** 29/06/2019

Worth buying it you have a Coco soda machine, as the genetic ones don't always fit

Mar*** 29/06/2019

Good enough for light rain or a quick dash to the taxi, but rain will find it's way in around the handle

Mar*** 29/06/2019

Surprisingly bright and keeps the charge for a long time

Mos*** 29/06/2019

Excellent, Thanks. Best Regards Eng. Mostafa Zaki

杰特 *** 27/06/2019

Receive my orders.Good gift for kids.

Gui*** 27/06/2019

Much better quality than expected, really good deal

Luy*** 25/06/2019

This is an open filter bag with no way to close it as shown in the photos.

Pau*** 24/06/2019

Perfect cartons, strong quality, the lid fits good. I will order some more.

Don*** 23/06/2019

Good quality, easy to use

Yve*** 21/06/2019

Perfect glue for shoes... Thanks PandaBoo, always the best...

Car*** 20/06/2019

Received quickly and in good order. Easy to use and very strong.

Don*** 20/06/2019

Fast delivery, runs very quiet

Ott*** 20/06/2019

Great quality and timely delivery

Ott*** 19/06/2019

Exactly as advertised. Happy with the products

Ale*** 19/06/2019

This is so cute and packed really well.

Don*** 18/06/2019

Shipment arrived very quickly. Was well packaged to ensure against breakage

Don*** 18/06/2019

Minimal assembly, had it in the tank in 5 min. Fast delivery

Don*** 15/06/2019

Plant arrived as advertised.

Pau*** 14/06/2019

Product as described, delivery was quick!

Pau*** 14/06/2019

Product as described, delivery was quick!

Dav*** 14/06/2019

Arrived in good condition. Neatly packed

Mos*** 12/06/2019

Excellent, Thanks. Best Regards Eng. Mostafa Zaki

Mos*** 12/06/2019

Excellent, Thanks. Best Regards Eng. Mostafa Zaki

Sha*** 10/06/2019

Thank you for good service.

Dul*** 08/06/2019

highly recommend this product .. my second purchased

Jar*** 06/06/2019

Very nice material, looks durable.

Tra*** 03/06/2019

Very nice material and darling pandas, perfect for the women to use

Tra*** 03/06/2019

Love the handkerchiefs, they all had beautiful individual boxes for gift giving. Very nice quality as wellz

Gle*** 31/05/2019

I will purchase another one. Great quality with good price.

Gle*** 31/05/2019

Good quality material. Can't wait to install.

Gle*** 29/05/2019

The item is in good quality. I actually placed another order. Thanks

Len*** 29/05/2019

Sturdy & durable. Go for this people

Chu*** 23/05/2019

Arrived quickly. Nice colour. Good quality.

Pal*** 19/05/2019

The poster printing is really good. Haven't put in frame yet but the standing frame looks good too. Fast delivery.

Mon*** 17/05/2019

arrived fast and just as in the pictures.

Jos*** 17/05/2019

It looks so cute. My girlfriend likes it. Thanks. It’s very affordable. But the package don’t have my exact name. It’s good that i checked the tracking number.

Ele*** 16/05/2019

I’m happy with PandaBoo service as it’s reliable, fast and matches all my expectations! Thanks!

Jam*** 14/05/2019

I can finally smoke in style; I look just like Cary Grant.

Jos*** 14/05/2019

Good product, the pick material feels cheap to my taste, I recommend better to buy tortex, ultex or delrin picks over this gravity picks

Jos*** 14/05/2019

Good quality and delivery was fast

Jam*** 14/05/2019

Very slippery. And tastes delicious !

Lex*** 13/05/2019

Incredibly good adhesive.

JOJ*** 10/05/2019

Great it worked! Worked fast!

JOJ*** 09/05/2019

Strong product. It worked on my apparel

Ale*** 07/05/2019

Beautiful bamboo fence, makes so much difference!

Jul*** 07/05/2019

Realy sexi :). Comfy and good looking, good value of money. The M size is eu36 rather than eu38. The rabbit uniform is in my opinion nicer than main one :)

Jul*** 05/05/2019

Really nice stuff. Highly recommend :)

Nic*** 05/05/2019

Affordable price, so easy to put together the props as it comes with glue and sticks

Cha*** 04/05/2019

Great product kids happy. Great cake decoration for birthday.

Jam*** 29/04/2019

Greatest license plate ever! It made my bike faster!

JOJ*** 29/04/2019

In good condition, quality is good. Strong

Ism*** 28/04/2019

Great product for repair bags or shoes :)

Jam*** 25/04/2019

Excellent cash box for home or office. Keep petty cash

Vid*** 25/04/2019

It is surprisingly wide width, exactly what am looking for for protecting items when moving. I can use it with furniture and lotions and other items to avoid getting dirty or scratched.

Dul*** 23/04/2019

satisfied with the product ... delivery is very fast

mar*** 23/04/2019

Very good. Sturdy locks for bike

mar*** 23/04/2019

Very good quality, happy with them

Ama*** 22/04/2019

Great product! I had bought some of these before and they are wonderful for the classroom!

Ama*** 22/04/2019

Received and great buy! Definitely recommend! Very fast delivery.

Tiz*** 22/04/2019

Exactly what I was expecting.

Jai*** 21/04/2019

Arrived in hood condition.

Roz*** 20/04/2019

So good! And we get gifts!

Ale*** 20/04/2019

Good product, fast shipment, thank you.

Ale*** 20/04/2019

Very good product, thanks.

Mar*** 18/04/2019

The pillowcase had really nice print quality and the size was as expected. It was a gift for a young girl, who loved it. If I ever need another pop star pillow, I’ll order here again.

Chu*** 18/04/2019

Hard foam dice of a reasonable size. Strong enough to survive rowdy classes.

Chu*** 18/04/2019

Good quality vinyl strapping with buckles for boxes and packages.

Chu*** 18/04/2019

Good quality charcoal for a barbecue but took quite long to arrive.

Maj*** 15/04/2019

Good, there's a variety of different sizes of boxes. Very convenient when moving

Ale*** 15/04/2019

It looks beautiful, the bamboo sticks are thicker than I expected.