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Sam*** 16/08/2019

Thanks it's quite handy and came in one day..now that's what you call fast delivery. Thanks

Lau*** 16/08/2019

Works great! Easy clean. Love it!!

Nad*** 15/08/2019

Works well for the intended problem

Sha*** 15/08/2019

Love my electric pot. So glad I ordered it. Thank you

Gra*** 14/08/2019

This microwave is big enough for the family.

Gra*** 14/08/2019

The juicer is good. I will order one more.

Mar*** 13/08/2019

Great for brewing coffee thanks

Ric*** 11/08/2019

Excellent product. Works like a charm, German engineering at it’ s best... great service from the PandaBoo team to deliver in a timely manner. Would recommend using their services to anyone

Mar*** 09/08/2019

Really nice little cooker I can make everything I need with this it heats up super fast and it's lovely having it.

Kha*** 07/08/2019

Light weight and easy to use.

Sar*** 07/08/2019

Great use and value, great product! Highly recommended. Thank you PandaBoo.

Gra*** 05/08/2019

The fan is really nice. I like the color and size..

The*** 01/08/2019

everything looks perfect for now but I haven't started using it yet. The packaging was perfect and the product itself looks strong,I just cant find a power button and it would have been better if it had one.

Jos*** 30/07/2019

Product was as described. Good quality, and quick delivery.

Cha*** 28/07/2019

Happy arrived quickly easy to assemble. Strong air flow works great

Nig*** 17/07/2019

excellent quality. reasonable price and delivered in less than 12 hours.

Mar*** 14/07/2019

It’s very good! Excellent to clean carpets and floor.i really love it

Mar*** 14/07/2019

I don’t used yet, but looks very good

Kat*** 12/07/2019

excellent does a great job!

Mar*** 08/07/2019

after two weeks it stopped working

Pat*** 08/07/2019

Looks good and works perfectly

Jar*** 07/07/2019

Good quality and quite. Im happy

Ing*** 06/07/2019

Looks nicer on the picture. But ok for the cost.

Nok*** 05/07/2019

Great quality, it works like magic and got delivered within the same day of placing the order.

SEA*** 02/07/2019

The machine is awesome. It looks rugged and I hope it is going to last. It is portable and easy to use.

Mar*** 30/06/2019

I've had this for a year and only now needing new filters

Mar*** 30/06/2019

I've had this for a year and only now needing a new filter

Mar*** 30/06/2019

Good for making sparkling water, but you can't use flavoured syrups directly

Mar*** 30/06/2019

Very strong. Could do with more attachments though

Mar*** 29/06/2019

Not silent as advertised but fine considering the price

Mar*** 29/06/2019

Very good value. Not silent as advertised, but fine for the price

SEA*** 28/06/2019

The LCD failed to display in just under 24 hours. This fault led to the failure in managing the lights and setting running time. The only key that works now is the ON/OFf button.

SEA*** 21/06/2019

It's amazing. Energy economical but very efficient for small spaces.

Sam*** 19/06/2019


Gra*** 17/06/2019

I like this sandwich maker. Now I can eat sandwich wuth melted cheese

Jar*** 14/06/2019

Very nice compact and portable design.

Sye*** 12/06/2019

Best service ever. I will order my all things from here.

Amy*** 10/06/2019

Works like a charm. Small, light, powerful.

Jar*** 09/06/2019

Size is very nice for smaller amounts.

Aye*** 09/06/2019

Quick delivery and installation. Only wish I could get the instructions in English.

Way*** 07/06/2019

It is a stylish fan that makes a good breeze. It is louder than expexted though. The remote is good to have.

Ron*** 07/06/2019

This my 2nd to order thus mini fan i liked nice to a gift. Thank you Pandaboo

Loi*** 05/06/2019

This is a high quality produce. Work great. Will do business again. Thanks

Tra*** 04/06/2019

Perfect for what I need it for. Just a little music around the house.

Kar*** 04/06/2019

As described, it arrived with batteries and a tape measure as well.

Way*** 01/06/2019

Well made with good instructions. I've made some great tempeh with it.

Car*** 25/05/2019

Speedy delivery and all items in good condition. Exactly like the pictures.

abu*** 21/05/2019

Its really good one, it's a perfect fit with my table to serve my purpose. Value for money and Aux seems to be a good brand

Gre*** 20/05/2019

good product

Emi*** 20/05/2019

Pretty awesome. Unfortunately the mop doesn't work too well.

Jam*** 20/05/2019

6 Cup coffee maker. perfect size for my office needs

Mag*** 19/05/2019

Very nice, works like a dream.

Mic*** 17/05/2019

Very powerful vacuum cleaner with a stylish finish!

Cha*** 17/05/2019

Took a few days to arrive. Light and nice to look at. Does not pick up our Blue Ray DVD discs though so not much good for use intended.

Joh*** 16/05/2019

Great item, great price and super fast delivery.

Hei*** 16/05/2019

Pandaboo provides excellent service. I can happily recommend Pandaboo to any of my friends.

Cha*** 15/05/2019

Arrived quickly looks great dials and temperatures in English. Can’t wait to try it

Lor*** 11/05/2019

The lamp was so cute! I love it!

Dan*** 09/05/2019

it was in good shape, but it delays too much.

Pal*** 08/05/2019

Super mall never fails. Fast delivery and superb quality. Just what I was looking for.

Kar*** 08/05/2019

Delivery was very quick. Product exactly what was ordered.

Lag*** 06/05/2019

Thank you for my item! Works perfectly

Jer*** 01/05/2019

Blender works Great. Very powerful. Good for ice.

Dul*** 30/04/2019

nice sport blender '... highly recommended

Jam*** 28/04/2019

it is a fine small fan. just what I needed

Nit*** 27/04/2019

very fast delivery...thanks pandaboo

Chu*** 26/04/2019

After just three weeks this appliance broke. It does not go on anymore and leaks water everywhere. Bad purchase and a waste of money, don't do it.

Eun*** 25/04/2019

It doesn't look like the one in the picture, it seems to have one button less and is half the size, but it works perfectly. Good value for money.

Gra*** 19/04/2019

This furnace is really small it can cook eggs and leafy vegetables, you can also reheat water and milk. Its suitable for travellers

Ham*** 18/04/2019

Looks good and hope it works really great in future

杰特 *** 18/04/2019

good quality, thick and well courted from inside and out.Quick delivery as usual.

Ham*** 18/04/2019

Really great haier refrigerator and also energy saving too and affordable .Please views go get one for yourself today .

Chu*** 18/04/2019

Awesome little device, uses water through paper fins to cool the air. Suitable for close proximity or a really small room. Value for money.

Vid*** 16/04/2019

The vacuum is very nice. It is small, portable but powerful. It is exactly as what i need. I can easily carry it around. It us bagless and that is a plus. The seller is also responsive for inquiries. I had to contact them for the filter replacement. Its good to buy the vacuum and filter replacement.

Ron*** 14/04/2019

This machine is really good. I just try it. Its nice to make dough. Thank you

JOJ*** 11/04/2019

Very good product! Very silent

JOJ*** 11/04/2019

Very quiet, very nice. I would recommend it.

Eti*** 06/04/2019

Great quality very good price, works very effecient

Jam*** 05/04/2019

Thanks, delivered very quickly

Cha*** 04/04/2019

Excellent. Not as powerful as my Nutri bullet but still really good. Arrived quickly and in perfect condition. Love it

Len*** 03/04/2019

great product & thanks for the free little hand cream

Ale*** 31/03/2019

Great product, warms up fast and the warmth stays for long.

Kha*** 30/03/2019

Fast shipping and the machine is easy to use.

Cat*** 29/03/2019

Works well for low price!

Hea*** 29/03/2019

Totally marvellous. I am so happy with this product

Ode*** 27/03/2019

Excellent. Just as described.

Zar*** 25/03/2019

They work but the hair gets wrapped around wheels very quickly so have to clean often

Mic*** 22/03/2019

Perfect fan for what i needed. Thank you

Ale*** 18/03/2019

So convenient to order via Pandaboo ... in English

JOJ*** 18/03/2019

Good condition and fast delivery! I’m using it now.

JOJ*** 15/03/2019

Perfect condition and fast delivery. Thank you..

Jar*** 15/03/2019

Product has a very good quality.

Jar*** 15/03/2019

It does what it should. Smart design.

Pal*** 15/03/2019

Fast delivery and good product. The needle is not foldable but has a cover so it is ok.

Pal*** 12/03/2019

Just what I needed. Difficult to find sugar free yoghurt in market and in winters was difficult to make at home. But all problems solved. Very cheap price for such good quality product.

Mon*** 11/03/2019

Great product, very happy with it. Makes cleaning very easy.

Mon*** 11/03/2019

Best product ever. Super RECOMMENDED, amazing quality.

Mon*** 11/03/2019

Very practical. I use it everyday.

Mon*** 11/03/2019

Very cute product, I like it very much.

Mon*** 11/03/2019

Incredible product, amazing price.