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Jos*** 05/08/2019

The item is excellent but unfortunately it did not fit in my guitar’s bridge system and yes it’s my fault. But maybe 5mm diameter is the exact size. Wish you have that size so i can order it.

Rit*** 04/08/2019

Very beautiful better than the picture

Gra*** 04/08/2019

the ukelele is very nice I love it.

Div*** 03/08/2019

I got this for my guitar student. Good for beginners. One of the cables doesn't work. Otherwise it is a good starter kit

Jos*** 02/08/2019

I ordered 0.022uf. But when i used it last night, it did not work well. I think it’s not 0.022uf. Wrong value.

Gra*** 01/08/2019

the ukelele is very nice.

Rit*** 31/07/2019

Very beautiful and great quality, Same as shown in the picture

Jos*** 31/07/2019

Thanks, the package is very safe.

Roe*** 06/07/2019

Thank you pandaboo to your good quality service

Roe*** 05/07/2019

Thank you for your always give me a good pruduct

Sha*** 22/05/2019

I like this game pad. It's very useful. Amazing

Mon*** 17/05/2019

Incredible product! Very good quality, protects the instrument perfectly!

Jos*** 16/05/2019

I was expecting the same packaging with my previous order. It’s only plastic this time. I will give this to my friend as a gift. Anyway they added a free guitar picks and I appreciate it. Thanks.

Jos*** 11/05/2019

Good quality book, recommended for very beginnersand those who wants to achieve the next level in fast playing

Jos*** 11/05/2019

Delivered on time, good quality, not recommended for very beginners, good if you already know notes names on the staff and the mayor scale at least

Jos*** 11/05/2019

Good and nice looking product

Jos*** 11/05/2019

Durable and good quality product. Also good looking

Jos*** 11/05/2019

Very good quality picks for fast picking with precision. Not good for mellow sounding end sound but for highs enhanced and aggressive sound they are very good.

Jos*** 11/05/2019

They have a short point, for me is quite difficult to play certain stuff with this. The package it's fancy and good quality and this picks seems durable, I do not recommend these for playing leads, just rhythm

Jos*** 11/05/2019

Fast and mellow sounding strings. Delivered very fast.

Jos*** 11/05/2019

Good product, high quality and durable strings

Jos*** 11/05/2019

You can't go wrong with this brand. Delivered on time

Jos*** 11/05/2019

Very good quality, amazing grip and mellow sounding pick

Jos*** 11/05/2019

Very good product, came in time

Jos*** 09/05/2019

It’s different from the photos displayed on pandaboo site when I received it. In the display there’s a labeling brand but what I actually received is just a plain generic. I hope it will sounds good enough when i put it on my guitar. Anyway thanks for the fast delivery.

Car*** 02/05/2019

I got the mobile triggers and the OTG cable. Both work perfectly. The triggers are well made with good materials. They feel very strong. They work even with my phone cover on. The OTG cable works perfectly. Plug the cord into your phone then connect your mouse. The mouse pointer soon appears on your phone. Works in games too. The only problem with the cable is that the USB connector for the mouse is VERY tight. The first time I tried to pull the mouse out the white housing around the female connector came loose. It isn't broken, it seems to be able to do that. Just strange.

Jul*** 02/05/2019

Really fast delivery, it looks good. I haven't tried it yet, hope they will be sufficient `).

Jam*** 26/04/2019

they are as they claim to be but with a bonus of a few picks and an extra Hugh e string. nice surprise.

Jos*** 14/04/2019

The leather heads are excent. It’s a genuine leather. Although the strap is a bit thin.

Jos*** 14/04/2019

The item’s casing is excellent.

Cha*** 05/04/2019

Very fast delivery. Less than 24h

Amy*** 19/03/2019

Smells amazing! I can’t wait to use it.

Amy*** 19/03/2019

Smells delicious! Beautiful case.

Cha*** 25/01/2019

Very happy. Not wood but work fine. Quick to arrive

Cha*** 25/01/2019

Very happy with product quick to dispatch

Cha*** 25/01/2019

Very happy product as described

Tim*** 23/01/2019

Nice set of various styles

Tim*** 23/01/2019

Good price and good performance

Lin*** 31/12/2018

Item as described. Quick shipping. Recommended seller

Zar*** 30/12/2018

Nice left handed guitar sounds good

Lor*** 28/12/2018

I ordered this last minute as a Christmas gift for my son. Delivery was very quick!

Kie*** 28/12/2018

Get me a gamepad that can work on my phone

Div*** 28/12/2018

Good quality for the price! Will recommend

Jua*** 24/12/2018

The service i got was very good and i will always us pandaboo for everything

Lle*** 21/12/2018

thank you for the product, high quality and better than expected!

Zar*** 19/12/2018

Nice inexpensive guitar, wish it was available for left hand

Jos*** 19/12/2018

The product is good as of with the price. Thumbs up for that.

Bru*** 18/12/2018

The shipping was super fast and even tough the description says Chinese only, there is English version as well. Good game

Mal*** 11/12/2018

Fun game to play with the kids. Lots of fun family time.

Dav*** 07/12/2018

Only few retro games that I used to play way back then are in this console. Still I enjoyed playing it. Wish they installed the popular games from that era and remove the other games that bored me to death.

Jos*** 29/11/2018

Thanks pandaboo. I am happy with your service.

Hei*** 14/11/2018

They are absolutely beautiful, and arrived quickly .

Pat*** 10/11/2018

Good quality. Came with presents. Thank you.

Hei*** 09/11/2018

Beautiful! And arrived very quickly

Roe*** 02/11/2018

Good quality thanks for this wonderful case

Ott*** 28/10/2018

Happy with paints! Delivery was fast.

Kel*** 20/10/2018

Original controller brand new in the box. Highly recommended.

Ben*** 17/10/2018

Good quality, Good sound. Thanks for stocking BABYMETAL.

Jai*** 14/09/2018

Thanks for deivering. Everthing received in a good shape and as per expectation.

ANN*** 10/09/2018

Good. Arrived fast and works perfectly.

Mic*** 05/09/2018

Good quality and price....

Jay*** 05/09/2018

Very happy with this product. Great quality. Highly recommended.

Mic*** 05/09/2018

Good value. Cheap and cheerful

Jay*** 02/09/2018

Very satisfied with this product. Highly recommended.

bre*** 02/09/2018

it is avery bad one ,it is smelling like rat urine

Div*** 25/08/2018

Great quality workmanship!!! Very happy with my new instrument. Sounds great!! Thank you

Reb*** 25/08/2018

Arrived quickly and in good condition. Appear to be good quality.

Jay*** 23/08/2018

The product was exactly what I hoped it would be. Good quality and delivered in a timely manner.

Kel*** 20/08/2018

Good quality and good service! Thank you!