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Adr*** 16/08/2019

Arrived super fast. Great product. Great price.

Gar*** 16/08/2019

Very fast , love the metal and very elegant product

Lut*** 16/08/2019

exactly as described, very fast shipping, gladly again

Nad*** 15/08/2019

Love this, really brightens up my desk

Loi*** 14/08/2019

I received a battery on time. Will do business again. Thanks

Adr*** 12/08/2019

Great product. Superfast delivery but didn't receive tracking info so had to pay extra to collect.

Loi*** 12/08/2019

I received a produce. It’s came with everything included. Will order more one I test it this week

Jos*** 09/08/2019

The deal is so good for 100 pieces.

Kha*** 07/08/2019

Perfect sized for my laptop and easy to put it on.

Kha*** 06/08/2019

It's charged a little bit slowly.

Kha*** 06/08/2019

It's fitted well with my iPad.

Kha*** 06/08/2019

Good quality and I love it!

Ste*** 05/08/2019

Very high quality, I love them

Jos*** 05/08/2019

Not yet tried the capacitor but it looks good. Thanks for the extra item.

JOJ*** 04/08/2019

I’m using it right now and it perfectly fit. Quality seem very good and it really leather

fil*** 02/08/2019

it's arrived in right time, a good product the sound is clear , not too much power but it's ok. The plug I think is for Australian market , with adaptor OK. For a small room or office it's good .

Loi*** 01/08/2019

This is a good produce easy to use and convenient for travel

Cri*** 01/08/2019

Not a good deal. The description is confussed. Its the version 1 not the version 2.

Ric*** 31/07/2019

Excellent service, status updates easily tracked, great communication from their team and product was delivered quickly, effectively and as ordered. A very good shopping experience, Xie Xie !

Her*** 30/07/2019

Good quality and arrived so fast. Good job Pandaboo...

Cha*** 30/07/2019

Just what I needed! Great service in English!

Cha*** 28/07/2019

Nice looking cover feels great and good handy size not to bulky. Arrived quickly. Happy customer

Cha*** 28/07/2019

Quite large and heavy too big for husband everyday use but great as a carry all wallet for myself in my handbag. Magnet on hone case good and strong

Mar*** 27/07/2019

at first the supplier send me the incorrect item but upon hearing my complaint pandaboo contacted the supplier and replace the item.thank you so much pandaboo and to the supplier thanks alot. item is quite good.

Gio*** 26/07/2019

I tried the burner and the player just arrived, it works very well. Really small a nice size, at a very low price

Cor*** 26/07/2019

This is a great camera of excellent quality with fantastic functions and features. The camera is also carefully shipped. I am very happy with it.

Vin*** 25/07/2019

Excellent service! They are very good. Quality of screen is very good

Mar*** 23/07/2019

love the color pink! well its good just like the one we bought in common shops, in pandaboo well they are really good

Gar*** 23/07/2019

At first I thought it was no good but after turning the knobs the sound was great abd loud

Mar*** 23/07/2019

Quite a nice little adapter.

Mar*** 23/07/2019

so cute,light,soft and the sound quality is fine,the color of the items is similar in the photo.....always thanks to pandaboo

Mar*** 23/07/2019

The best VR ever! Excellent product

Mar*** 22/07/2019

Speedy delivery, good packaging and a cable exactly as described.

Ott*** 22/07/2019

Happy with the purchase. Highly recommended

Eti*** 21/07/2019

Great price! Exactly as described! Very good and easy to install. Great quality.

Eti*** 21/07/2019

Great product. Awesome. Quick delivery

Eti*** 21/07/2019

Very good design. Small and compact and very light. Works good

Gar*** 20/07/2019

It may be made of plastic but it feels strong and looks elegant

Gar*** 20/07/2019

The product looks sturdy . Still needs be installed

Iva*** 19/07/2019

Good protection for the phone bit the sides don't stick so well to the screen

Iva*** 19/07/2019

Excellent phone case, amazing for long videos when you can just stand the phone uo.

Mic*** 19/07/2019

Good quality and professionaly packed! Speedy delivery.

Pie*** 19/07/2019

Perfect, great delivery and exactly what I was looking for. Not sure about reliability as I have only received it

Emi*** 18/07/2019

the plugs look like they will work well

Sea*** 18/07/2019

Extremely quick delivery time. Support staff was friendly and efficient.

Jam*** 18/07/2019

The delivery time was fantastic. Placed the order at 4.30pm and marked the delivery down as separate, they both came together 9am the next morning. Brand now, perfect service, so happy!

Glo*** 18/07/2019

Hugely satisfied with product. Great quality

Mar*** 17/07/2019

Quality good, but the color it’s kind blue!

Glo*** 17/07/2019

Great product. I love it!

SEA*** 17/07/2019

Delivery was swift. It took only a few hours for the cable to be delivered and it is efficient.

Iry*** 14/07/2019

Awful product. There is no charcoal powder for lens where it supposed to be. Bad copy of a good lens pen. Do not waste your money!!!

Pie*** 13/07/2019

Perfect! I placed the order on Thursday and received it on Friday. Included a free 512mb USB. Nice little gift and brilliant service

Zar*** 10/07/2019

It caught on fire and filled the house with very strong chemical smoke, don’t buy this as the vendor would not replace it and now I have to buy a new one. Very expensive mistaken purchase. It did look nice though.

fil*** 10/07/2019

Fast shipping , good quality of product

Sha*** 08/07/2019

I've recieved them today. Ive charged them for over 4 hours. I dont think they work

Mih*** 05/07/2019

Build quality is not the best

Gar*** 05/07/2019

It works well and useful to connect instrument to ipad

Gar*** 05/07/2019

Feels solid and not like cheap plastic. Good impression

Gar*** 05/07/2019

Still need be installed so i do not know . But i can say it is beautiful and solid . Does not feel like cheap plastic. Good delivery.

Mag*** 04/07/2019

Fits perfectly, red is nice and funky. Good protection.

Mir*** 03/07/2019

Nice gadget, works very well with iPhone 6. As it is foldable it can be easily carried around

Mar*** 30/06/2019

All the Bull stuff I've bought has been pretty good

Mar*** 30/06/2019

Good size and strong adhesive

Mar*** 30/06/2019

Very useful bit of kit and surprisingly good quality

Ind*** 26/06/2019

It's cheap, but it's good. Also, it works well

Sha*** 23/06/2019

I like it alot, good for traveling

Luy*** 22/06/2019

Seems like a durable product, with a seemingly endless supply of power. Ive used it for a week and it's still not empty. It is quite heavy.

Sal*** 22/06/2019

Not as expected, cover is too heavy to use .. The protector too delicate broke even before I put on the phone

Lut*** 21/06/2019

Fast, good goods gladly again

Lut*** 21/06/2019

Fast, good goods gladly again

Lut*** 21/06/2019

fast good delivery good goods gladly again

Dee*** 21/06/2019

Product is good and Quite fast delivery

Ott*** 19/06/2019

Great products. Arrived on time.

Mos*** 19/06/2019

Excellent, Thanks. Best Regards Eng. Mostafa Zaki

Chr*** 18/06/2019

Very fast service, from placing order to receiving it.

Deo*** 17/06/2019

I was very happy to receive the Apple Watch. The delivery was super fast and the box was nicely sealed. The customer service was also excellent and kept me updated all the time. I am super impressed and will definitely order from Pandaboo again. Thank you for the great product and the excellent service received!!!

Kat*** 16/06/2019

Fast delivery, works perfectly. Happy with purchase.

Mic*** 14/06/2019

Amazing, amazing, amazing!.. Very good quality vape..

Fra*** 14/06/2019

Nice looking product and good value with lightning quick delivery!

Mos*** 13/06/2019

Excellent, Thanks. Best Regards Eng. Mostafa Zaki

Gle*** 13/06/2019

Solid wood. Good sound with its price.

Jol*** 12/06/2019

Works well and it will use it when I travel to Europe next week.

Lut*** 11/06/2019

delivered quickly, exactly as described

Lut*** 11/06/2019

delivered quickly, exactly as described

Lut*** 11/06/2019

delivered quickly, exactly as described

Lut*** 11/06/2019

delivered quickly, exactly as described

Loi*** 10/06/2019

Good keyboard. I’m very happy. Will buy again at this side

Sam*** 10/06/2019

Very nice design. Thank you very much !!

Aye*** 10/06/2019

I love it, however, it is a hassle to have to download Hauwei Health. Especially from Google Play because it doesn't work without Hauwei Services. However, the device itself is great.

Loi*** 09/06/2019

Good produce. High quality. I like it. Will buy again

Jus*** 09/06/2019

The product is really cute and comes with a free screen protector. :)

Rol*** 09/06/2019

its a perfect fit to my phone. love it.

Gle*** 08/06/2019

Perfect product with quality, but affordable.

Jus*** 07/06/2019

The quality os very good!

Pau*** 07/06/2019

As described and quick delivery!

Jus*** 06/06/2019

The item is excellent and I would recommend the seller.

Rol*** 05/06/2019

Nice case for ip8 plus. Fast delivery.

Mos*** 04/06/2019

Excellent, Thanks. Best Regards Eng. Mostafa Zaki

Mos*** 04/06/2019

Excellent, But The Metallic Parts Of The Cable Ate Rusty. Thanks. Best Regards Eng. Mostafa Zaki

Pal*** 01/06/2019

Quite fast delivery. Small in size and the pictures are never stable. Picture quality is bad and qlways blurry. But kids can use just as a toy.