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Lau*** 16/08/2019

Received as advertised. Happy with the quantity for the price.

Lut*** 16/08/2019

exactly as described, very fast shipping, gladly again

And*** 15/08/2019

Matches the pictures. Easy to use. Quality feeling.

Jua*** 13/08/2019

Good quality exterior. Bigger than you would expect. Vibration breaks very quickly and has some defects. Head is very comfortable for friction. Not worth more than 35rmb though.

杰特 *** 28/07/2019

Received in good packaging. good product with a reasonable price for 3 in a box.

Sam*** 20/07/2019

Thanks for the fast delivery as usual. This is a product that I have used before and I really like it. It is easy to use and smells great. And its gentle for the private area so you will reduce your risk of catching a yeast infection.

Eti*** 16/07/2019

Great price, good to keep healthy, fast delivery

Div*** 15/07/2019

Great product. I have been using it for many months! Highly recommended

Fra*** 13/07/2019

The medication works well for pain

Ten*** 13/07/2019

I was look for something like Aleve from the States. I found this and it works well.

Nad*** 09/07/2019

Quick delivery and an awesome gift included. This will be my go-to store for sanitary products.

Kar*** 06/07/2019

Good quality product. I was pleasantly surprised at how small the packaging was, it is a very efficient use of space.

SIT*** 06/07/2019

Good service from PandaBoo and supplier! Great jobs!

Mar*** 05/07/2019

Very good value kit with a useful mixing jug

Nur*** 30/06/2019

I can't wait tu use it...

Mar*** 30/06/2019

Best price I've seen for these good quality masks

Mar*** 30/06/2019

Best value multi pack I could find

Mar*** 30/06/2019

Cheaper than satin tape and just as good.

Mar*** 30/06/2019

Don't know this brand but seems to be a good mix.

Mar*** 29/06/2019

Original product, so does as expected

Mar*** 29/06/2019

This is a good product for the price. Doesn't smell to strong

Mar*** 29/06/2019

Haven't come across this brand before but very happy so far

Jo *** 28/06/2019

Delivered in time ! Good service

Boe*** 28/06/2019

Very weak motor. Not recommended.

Dul*** 28/06/2019

got it ... thanks for the quick delivery . pandaboo is highly recomemded

Jam*** 25/06/2019

all Vick's products are very good for relieving cold symptoms

Jam*** 24/06/2019

I have used this cream many times. it always Works well. apply to chest and back

杰特 *** 21/06/2019

fast delivery usual and it came with a free pack of 120g. green tea. just started drinking the tea for weight loss. I hope it's effective.still have to observe.

Don*** 21/06/2019

Fast delivery, useful free gift. Works well...a bit hard to see the numbers

Ale*** 18/06/2019

Good price for product. Will still see if it works the same as others

abu*** 18/06/2019

As prescribed in the picture , best and long lasting, surprise to get international products thanks pandaboo for your service

Gra*** 14/06/2019

I like the smell of this shower gel. Its not sticky and gentle on skin.

Loi*** 10/06/2019

Fit well and good quality produce. Will protect my health. Will order more later

Dr.*** 10/06/2019

Very good product... Worth the price

Dr.*** 07/06/2019

Its worth the money. Will buy again

Sar*** 06/06/2019

I think it's a bit too pricey and I didn't notice it was a gel.

杰特 *** 03/06/2019

received it in barely 2 days.I started using it and so far, it has good effect on my eyes.

Mic*** 30/05/2019

Very impressive amount of smoke. Flavors are great!

Abe*** 29/05/2019

The mask is good, however at least you should have small sizes. Because my face is small and the mask is very big on my face.

Sha*** 27/05/2019

It's the first time using it. Great service

Sha*** 27/05/2019

Wow the solution box is quite huge, thank you

Sha*** 27/05/2019

Great service, love the smell

Ale*** 25/05/2019

Excellent product. Will order again

Amy*** 25/05/2019

Finally arrived.Deodrant Smells great.

Mag*** 24/05/2019

Nice taste, dissolve quickly.

Gra*** 22/05/2019

I like this product. Its chewable vitamin C and E and its delicious.

Ten*** 21/05/2019

Thanks for getting it here quickly and I look forward of using it soon.

Ten*** 21/05/2019

It was just what I was look for. Thanks pandaboo.

Sam*** 21/05/2019

smells really Good. love it

Ane*** 21/05/2019

Good product. Have bought before. Qick delivery!

Mic*** 17/05/2019

The electric Mosquito kit works wonderfully!

abu*** 17/05/2019

It reduce the pain , but at the same time you should take the oral Medicine as well, But its a good cream I will recommended it

Cyn*** 14/05/2019

Arrived quickly. Great quality!

Fra*** 14/05/2019

The price is right and it works

Jam*** 14/05/2019

Excellent product, very high quality.

Gra*** 14/05/2019

I like this product. I ordered 2 pcs. Becauae Ive tried it before. Its really good

Loi*** 13/05/2019

We like it very much. It worked great.

Sha*** 12/05/2019

I like the material, very soft

TUM*** 11/05/2019

PandaBoo has made my online shopping in china easier, the high quality products and good customer care makes them the number 1 shopping agent in china. Thanks

Cat*** 11/05/2019

Very comfortable and nice material.

Vid*** 10/05/2019

I haven’t tried it yet however it arrived fast. As for the price, it is great. It is disposable. I use mask when I clean and use chemicals.

Lex*** 10/05/2019

Really good value. Excellent service and great product.

Ten*** 09/05/2019

It came very fast and was what I wanted. Thanks for your great service!

Pal*** 08/05/2019

I like the machine. I hope it helps to lose weight.

Pal*** 08/05/2019

Second time to order it. Though the second time the supplier delivered wrong flavor but then was quick enough to change it.

Pal*** 08/05/2019

Slow delivery. Cannot comment on the effect yet but hope it works.

Jer*** 05/05/2019

Very comfortable. Lines to help with cutting to size. Fit well in shoes

JOJ*** 01/05/2019

I love the product. Easy to use

Aye*** 30/04/2019

Perfect! Exactly what I needed.

Ism*** 28/04/2019

Great product for kids and seller sent it in time as expected.

Ale*** 28/04/2019

I like the product! It is packaged very well and I got some cute gifts with the package.

Jam*** 28/04/2019

this is the Best cold and flu medicine you can get. I highly recommend it

Raj*** 26/04/2019

Good product.. on time delivery... thnx Pandaboo

Ale*** 26/04/2019

Cloth is food quality just a bit small

Lag*** 26/04/2019

Delivery was very fast! Will be shopping again

Ama*** 22/04/2019

Great scale! Very easy to use. Fast delivery!

Fra*** 22/04/2019

Good material massage ball. Come is a nice little sack package.

Fra*** 22/04/2019

Very good material, the white hide very well under white tshirt. It works well and makes you to keep good posture

Eti*** 22/04/2019

Great price, tastes great. Good quality

Mon*** 20/04/2019

Very soft, very useful. I like the product.

Gra*** 19/04/2019

Its a good product. I like it

Gra*** 19/04/2019

This vitamin is chewable and the taste is good. I like it

Jor*** 19/04/2019

The product is good, and it came intact, package was delivered on time. No complaints this time. Thanks!

bet*** 18/04/2019

Fast delivery..first time to buy here,hope it's genuine

Jor*** 18/04/2019

Good vitamins for the kids, as always. This is my third or fourth time ordering.

Ten*** 12/04/2019

Thanks for quick deliver. It was just what I need to relief some aches and pain. I will be ordering again from this company.

Ten*** 12/04/2019

Thanks it arrive very quickly. I was look for something like Aleve and it work pretty good.

Sha*** 10/04/2019

I receive my package on time I’m very satisfied. Thank you

Hen*** 09/04/2019

Brilliant for massaging and sorting out muscle spasms!

Hen*** 09/04/2019

Great amd sturdy. Solid and strong. Easy to use!

Mag*** 09/04/2019

Thank you for a great product and fast delivery. I was a little disappointed to only receive one mixer although I ordered 2 tins of powder...

Ama*** 08/04/2019

Great product! Would definitely recommend to others.

Ale*** 07/04/2019

Very good product. Will order again

Jol*** 04/04/2019

I'm so happy that I can find this brand here.

Ale*** 02/04/2019

Good product offered at excellent price

Jol*** 02/04/2019

I can't wait to see the weight loss results

Tit*** 01/04/2019

I received them in good condition, thanks again Pandaboo - you are superb!

JOJ*** 30/03/2019

A good product and works well

JOJ*** 30/03/2019

Fast delivery and it came at good packaging. Product is original

Ten*** 28/03/2019

I like the pad on the foot. Just what I needed.