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Nat*** 16/08/2019

Very light material, good quality and the size fits perfectly.

Nat*** 16/08/2019

Very good quality for the price.

Eti*** 16/08/2019

Good material, light and breathable. Very comfortable

Gar*** 16/08/2019

Really original super quality copper in brass color . Very elegant . The leather smells good . High class product. Buy it .

Lut*** 16/08/2019

exactly as described, very fast shipping, gladly again

Lut*** 16/08/2019

exactly as described, very fast shipping, gladly again

Lut*** 16/08/2019

exactly as described, very fast shipping, gladly again

Ang*** 16/08/2019

Very nice quality and affordable.

Nig*** 15/08/2019

reasonable quality for an excellent price.

ann*** 14/08/2019

recieve it .thank you pandaboo

Gra*** 14/08/2019

This is a light material shoes and its also good for running.

Ang*** 14/08/2019

Perfect size for my husband, good buy.

Jua*** 13/08/2019

Great quality. Very comfortable. Very comfortable when walking far. They are rather heavy. Makes a little clapping noise when walking.

Jua*** 13/08/2019

Acceptable quality. Looks good and very comfortable. The style is very odd and should be taken into account.

Jua*** 13/08/2019

Very good quality for the price. Very comfortable and lots of breathing holes for your feet to get fresh air. They are quite heavy, but are very good for when you have to be on your feet for a few hours.

Jua*** 13/08/2019

Good quality, no defects, good price.

Jos*** 11/08/2019

Good quality, nice response from the vendor and pandaboo.

Ang*** 10/08/2019

It’s a good size for my husband and good quality. Thank you.

Jos*** 10/08/2019

Very good product, delivered on time, high quality

Nig*** 09/08/2019

not silk but I knew that. well made. good for work. perfect for my requirements.

Isa*** 08/08/2019

It's good, but wish I would've went a size up.

Rox*** 07/08/2019

Fits my boyfriend perfectly. He likes it. Will buy from this store again.

DIO*** 05/08/2019

Received and fully satisfied...thank you for best service.

Ker*** 03/08/2019

The shirts said they were different sizes on the tags but they were are really small and exactly the same size. So I’d say the seller needs to resize their shirts.

Gar*** 02/08/2019

Looks like good quality cotton and feels very good . The picture looks fine too. Not embossed which is good as it will not flake off in time . Good printing

Mar*** 02/08/2019

Beautiful! Perfect! Good quality

Her*** 01/08/2019

my Son love the pants so much that i did order another color . good quality.. thumbs up Pandaboo...

Mat*** 29/07/2019

Perfect delivery. Thank you

Gar*** 29/07/2019

It is a good quality canvas bag . I like the mr mao picture with the nice words to serve community. Proud to wear it back to South Africa

Sha*** 29/07/2019

Almost too small but very beautiful

Gar*** 28/07/2019

I like the quality and it is beautiful.

Jos*** 27/07/2019

Reasonable price. Good quality.

Cor*** 26/07/2019

This thermal underware is perfect for very cold Chinese winters.

Div*** 23/07/2019

I ordered according to the chart the supplier advertised. It got here and was way too big. And the quality is not like the picture. I will wear it at home in the winter. It feels very warm

Sha*** 14/07/2019

Good quality. Fast shipping. Thank you

Div*** 14/07/2019

Very good quality! Nice and cool for the summer days

Ott*** 14/07/2019

Nice shoes, but feels abit soft.

Ott*** 13/07/2019

Great service. Shoe however not as high quality as expected. But still good product

Way*** 12/07/2019

Great shirt, well made. The fabric heavy as other reviews mentioned so would be good in cooler weather also. I like the straps and buckles but will stictch them down rather than let them hang loose.

Gui*** 10/07/2019

Good one,is perfect for the rain and design is quite like the pictures, very good for that price. Sizes are a bit big, I am 75kg and fit on the L size

Mar*** 09/07/2019

Ok for work. Very thin and shorter than I'm used to

SIT*** 06/07/2019

Nice shirt! I love the design. Also a great service from the PandaBoo and supplier.

Gar*** 05/07/2019

It is good value for money

Ric*** 03/07/2019

I liked the service. Reliable

GER*** 02/07/2019

Awesome T shirt. Quality is not bad.

Deo*** 01/07/2019

I am really very happy with these shoes. They seem to be of good quality and are very comfortable. I have only worn them twice already but so far I am satisfied. The shoes are value for money and I think they will last a while. Thank you for the quick delivery.

Lut*** 30/06/2019

fast delivery would be good again. the sizes information is not quite ok but is ok

Lut*** 30/06/2019

fast delivery would be good again. the sizes information is not quite ok but is ok

Lut*** 30/06/2019

fast delivery would be good again. the sizes information is not quite ok but is ok

GER*** 30/06/2019

Awesome quality it's the real thing

GER*** 30/06/2019

Awesome size fits good! I will buy another one

Mar*** 30/06/2019

Thin cotton but seems to be lasting

Mar*** 30/06/2019

Very thin cotton but good enough

Mar*** 30/06/2019

A bit of shrinkage, but food value for money

Mar*** 29/06/2019

Excellent price for a pair of back up walking shoes

Lil*** 28/06/2019

The jacket with off white strips was to small for an XL and the hoodie attached was too small to fit my head

Bec*** 25/06/2019

very good shirt. Arrived abit late but it was worth the waiting. I will encourage others to buy. Thanks.Thanks.

Lut*** 24/06/2019

the specified size is a bit short but otherwise nice shirt

Hen*** 24/06/2019

Very nice and comfortable!!!

Hen*** 24/06/2019

Great shorts! Stretch material and very comfortable. Going to buy more!

For*** 21/06/2019

I appreciate your services , thanks for your integrity.

Tim*** 21/06/2019

Good quality. Bit small for a large. But fits ok

SEA*** 20/06/2019

The quality is good. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to buy.

Eri*** 20/06/2019

Fits well Nice light material.

Eri*** 20/06/2019

Nice Shorts. Good light material.

Tim*** 20/06/2019

All received quick and perfect sizing. Thank you.

Isa*** 17/06/2019

Order 2 sizes larger than you wear

Tim*** 15/06/2019

Shirt is exactly what I wanted.. Sizing is definitely a little smaller for western sizing.

Ron*** 15/06/2019

Yes this chest bag is really good. Thank yoi Pandaboo

Mis*** 11/06/2019

Can you send me the return address? I want to return the shirt back, it's too small for me!

Tiz*** 10/06/2019

Nice quality and good delivery.very satisfied

*RO*** 09/06/2019

nice buy

Aln*** 09/06/2019

Nice style and design but the fabric is not good..

Sar*** 09/06/2019

I bought it for my husband but it was too small on him instead of returning it back to get bigger size, I keep it. It looks cool on me too. Guess it can be a unisex outer. Very light fabric and nicely constructed.

*RO*** 06/06/2019

cool and comfortable. shipping and claiming hassle free plus excellent customer queries assistance. Great deal so far.

Com*** 05/06/2019

I like to much your service ,it fast,and security

Lin*** 02/06/2019

The shoes are of good quality, I like it. Thank you

Ott*** 31/05/2019

Great quality shoe. Delivery was fast as well

Zam*** 31/05/2019

Received. Thank you so much.

Car*** 30/05/2019

Great quality, quick delivery and size is good.

Tiz*** 29/05/2019

Fast delivery, good looking.perfect size explanation.

JOJ*** 27/05/2019

Lovely decent bag! Handy and easy to carry!

Jol*** 26/05/2019

They are really nice and fit well.

soh*** 26/05/2019

cool and light.. pretty good for summer

Esa*** 24/05/2019

It's the type of shoes I want and it's excellent for summer. It's shoe with air

Esa*** 23/05/2019

The shoe is excellent for summer specially.

Pha*** 21/05/2019

The order was delivered in less than three days.

Hen*** 21/05/2019

Right size. Nice affordable shoes. Thank you PandaBoo

Jul*** 20/05/2019

The value of money is just amazing! They look sooooooooooo great! May smell like a plactic, but after one day the smell is gone. I like them very very very much. Shipping was express :>

Bri*** 11/05/2019

Good product! Received quickly.

Jos*** 11/05/2019

Good quality, XXXL size was the right size for me, I'm 1.88 m height and 80 kg. Don't recomendable if you weigh more than 95 kg

Jam*** 10/05/2019

Exactly as described and cheap

Hen*** 10/05/2019

Great shirt and decent quality!

Pal*** 09/05/2019

Fast delivery abd guaranteed quality

Jul*** 09/05/2019

They are really well made, and they are great value of money. Delivery is fast, but the biggest size is not 50 it is smaller(I guess it is 47,5 to 48,5) . Anyways recommended

Jos*** 08/05/2019

The quality is good but I want to suggest ro add one more button below. There’s still a big space to put on.

Che*** 05/05/2019

Delivery was efficient and in good time and condition. The shoes are a perfect fit and the sizing 100% accurate. Looking forward to my fitness program in style.

Emi*** 04/05/2019

Good quality, altough it might be tough if your feet are broad

Aln*** 04/05/2019

I highly recommended this product. I really love it. Very nice!

GER*** 04/05/2019

Very good quality shoes. I'm impressed.