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Gar*** 16/08/2019

The kids love it . I gave a question . Is it compatible with other building blocks ? Which ?

Nad*** 15/08/2019

My friend loved this, she is very excited to dress her baby in it.

Nad*** 15/08/2019

Such a cute onesie - my friend loved it

Nad*** 15/08/2019

My friend loved these, she is very excited to dress her baby in them.

Nad*** 15/08/2019

My friend loved these, she is very excited to dress her baby in them.

And*** 15/08/2019

Original product. Very fast delivery.

Lil*** 14/08/2019

Good quality , GREAT service. VERY satisfied

LIZ*** 14/08/2019

I received the parcel today. It fits my daughter well and it looks just like how it is in the picture.

Jua*** 13/08/2019

Rare cards are mostly good quality. Some defects on some cards. Some cards are cut out of shape and have the wrong names, but most are very good copies of the originals (90 - 99% quality of the orignal cards). Worth buying for this price if you dont mind getting maybe 10 to 15 of some cards. The rare cards makes it totally worth it though.

Cha*** 10/08/2019

Just what we needed for our new kite. Super long wire!

Lin*** 07/08/2019

Great quality and very fast shipping. Recommended seller

Mar*** 07/08/2019

Came with one piece broken.....but still looks beautiful

Lin*** 06/08/2019

Super cute. Hopefully it will hold up when it gets washed. Nice fabric.

Gar*** 06/08/2019

The plastic is too flimsy and wheels not go smoothly

Gar*** 05/08/2019

The set excites the kids and captured their attention. The son 3 and daughter 9 loves playing with it .

Ott*** 01/08/2019

Great product. Happy with the purchase

Ott*** 01/08/2019

Goods arrived as expected. Fast delivery

Ott*** 01/08/2019

Nice set, fast delivery. Good quality

Her*** 31/07/2019

nice toys and my granddaughter love it.

Sha*** 28/07/2019

Very pretty and stylish, thank you

NTO*** 26/07/2019

Great product and very cheap!

May*** 25/07/2019

I bought the whole set last week and decided I wanted another Maya. And it was really fast getting to for the second time. So happy

Ott*** 25/07/2019

Fast delivery. Nice quality

Co *** 25/07/2019

Size is good, shape as well. Quality seems fine.

Co *** 24/07/2019

Thé quality is good. The shape is really classic.

Mic*** 19/07/2019

Great quality. All the pieces were there!

Mic*** 19/07/2019

Good quality for its price.. Some blocks may be a little bit rough around the edges.

Co *** 18/07/2019

A bit too big right now. The design and the color are nice, exactly like on the pictures.

Lin*** 18/07/2019

Perfect item as described. Quick shipping recommended

Lin*** 18/07/2019

I thought I ordered minnie mouse and got Pippa pig.

Len*** 13/07/2019

Worth the cost & cute.

Abe*** 13/07/2019

The headdress are very artistic. I love the design and the quality of the product.

Ott*** 13/07/2019

Nice hats. Fast delivery

Pal*** 12/07/2019

Very good quality for cheap price.

Pal*** 11/07/2019

The size is too big for a 3 year old baby. Too thick for summers.

Pal*** 11/07/2019

The short is quite different from the image. Also it looks like cotton denim but is not and is much thinner.

Pal*** 11/07/2019

Good quality and cheap price.

Pal*** 11/07/2019

Good quality and cheap price.

Pal*** 11/07/2019

Veey nice shorts. No colour lost after washing.

Pal*** 11/07/2019

Looks a little different as shownin picture. Colors are lighter and cloth material not that good. But I guess that's what you get in this price.

Pal*** 11/07/2019

Very beautiful clothes. The quality is ok for the price.

Sha*** 08/07/2019

The look is good it can be better

Sha*** 08/07/2019

This is my second order. Good quality

Gar*** 05/07/2019

My kids love it . That is all that matters

Loi*** 04/07/2019

Good product, quick shipment, received a right product will order more

Ott*** 01/07/2019

Exactly as described. Happy with the product

Mar*** 30/06/2019

Kept a slime fan happy for an afternoon

Mar*** 30/06/2019

It's ok. What you'd expect for the price

Mar*** 30/06/2019

These are proving very popular with the kids and I find them quite fun too

Mar*** 30/06/2019

Good quality pool toys which are lasting well

Mar*** 30/06/2019

Got away without anyone noticing they're not real

Mar*** 30/06/2019

Slow rebound, successful gift

Mar*** 30/06/2019

Very well received gift indeed

Mar*** 30/06/2019

Cheerful book allergic slime

Mar*** 29/06/2019

These went down very well. Will be sticking up for friends' kids back home

Mar*** 29/06/2019

Obvious fake as expected, but my little girl doesn't care!

Mar*** 29/06/2019

Obvious fake as expected, but my little girl doesn't care!

Mar*** 29/06/2019

Very thin layer of plush, but does the job

Mar*** 29/06/2019

Obvious fake as expected, but my little girl doesn't care!

Mar*** 29/06/2019

Obvious fake as expected, but my little girl doesn't care!

Ott*** 28/06/2019

Nice product. All packed well and arrived early.

杰特 *** 27/06/2019

fast shipping and delivery.i received it in good shape and properly packed.nice clay toy.

杰特 *** 27/06/2019

fast delivery and shipping.My nephew would surely love the toy.It came with free rechargeable battery.the size is just fine.

Sha*** 25/06/2019

Good quality but the shipping was too slow

Gar*** 25/06/2019

Very pretty and not easily broken when kids play with it

Sha*** 21/06/2019

Very stylish and fast shipping

Sha*** 21/06/2019

Love the style and material

Sha*** 21/06/2019

Good quality and fast shipping

Sha*** 21/06/2019

Great quality, it looks like thr picture and fast shipping

Aln*** 21/06/2019

Fast delivery.. Double thumbs up!

Sha*** 20/06/2019

Good quality, fast shipping

Ott*** 20/06/2019

Happy with the product. Timely delivery

Sha*** 19/06/2019

Excellent quality, fast shipping and I will buy more colors

Pau*** 18/06/2019

Really cute, his eyes bulge unlike other soft toys on the market!

Pau*** 16/06/2019

Really cute and looks good, good for Mini pot-plants or pen holder on a desk!

Ott*** 16/06/2019

Very good quality. Fast delivery

Sha*** 16/06/2019

Very nice, great material and fast shipping

Sha*** 15/06/2019

Perfect, perfect and perfect

Mar*** 14/06/2019

Thank you, the dinosaurs are of great quality, my kids will love it, and the delivery was very fast.

Geo*** 12/06/2019

Great packaging and the shopkeeper added a gift for us! Excellent service!

Len*** 12/06/2019

A perfect summer wear for my little one.

Sam*** 10/06/2019

Fast shipping thank you very much !

abu*** 10/06/2019

On Time Delivey Exact Size as described Very Comfortable for Kids,Good to buy at this Price

Kha*** 09/06/2019

Everything is OK but the shirt is a little thin.

Aln*** 09/06/2019

It's very beautiful ! Very nice color and design. I so love it!!

Aye*** 09/06/2019

Exactly as expected. Very cheap price.

Jus*** 08/06/2019

The sizes are a little bigger than I expected. Overall, the quality is good and the delivery is fast.

Lin*** 06/06/2019

It was nice. I love it! Thank you

Way*** 05/06/2019

Love these dice. They are so useful in my esl classes. Kids throw them around and know gets hurt. Could be stitvhed up a little better as we had to repair them after a few weeks of use.

Way*** 05/06/2019

Great. very useful in my esl class activities. The kids love getting their hands on them for any reason.

Pal*** 02/06/2019

Very very nice shoes. The quality and looks both are very good. Worth the price.

Way*** 01/06/2019

Fantastic product. Very happy with it.

Pal*** 01/06/2019

Good quality summer pants for kids. Cheap price.

Pal*** 01/06/2019

My baby is really happy with the shoes. Very good looking and great quality.

Pal*** 01/06/2019

Cute little stylish pyjamas. Looks good and material feels soft. Hope the quality is good.

Pal*** 01/06/2019

Product is similar as in the picture. The size is however a little smaller for 100cm.

Pal*** 01/06/2019

Really nice looking pant. Material feels good for summers.

Pal*** 01/06/2019

Not too good quality. Quite different as shown in the picture. Light for summers but poor workmanship

Pal*** 30/05/2019

Second time to buy this kind of towel really good for kids specially in summers.

Len*** 29/05/2019

The quality is worst this time, all the tissue seems to be dry