If there's a transition from one season to another that beats out all the rest each year, it's the welcoming of spring. The sun starts shining again, it finally starts staying light out longer in the evening, and there's a feeling in the air that can't quite be explained.

After a long, cold winter, spring 2023's trends are the trends we deserve. Sheer, delicate fabrics are juxtaposed with utilitarian maximalism, high-shine fabrics are turning heads, and gorgeous, corset-inspired waists are giving a fresh take to dress silhouettes. Gone are the days of wrapping ourselves in layer upon layer—it's time to have a fashion renaissance.

Spring is in the air, and damn it, it's time to dress like it. These spring 2023 trends are about to take over—and we definitely aren't mad about it.


Mini skirts have had their time in the sun. But it's officially time to let maxi skirts shine instead—specifically, denim maxi skirts. Edgy, boho, minimal—regardless of what you'd consider your style, you can make a denim maxi skirt work for you. Even with just a white, ribbed tank and sandals, it's a statement-making piece that doesn’t require much else to make it look like a 10.

Slit Denim Skirt


Long Denim Skirt


Long Denim Skirt


Black Denim Skirt


Long Denim Skirt


Low-waist Denim Skirt



Ballet flats are obviously classic enough to be considered a tried-and-true closet staple. But this spring, they also happen to be at the top of the list of the coolest shoes to have on your feet.

Metallic Ballet Flats


Square Toe Ballet Flats


Retro Ballet Flats


Red Leather Ballet Flats


Embroidered Cloth Shoes


Black Ballet Flats



With a corset-like effect, drop waists are the uber-flattering silhouette we're wondering why we stopped wearing in the first place. Since the waistband falls just above your hips, it lengthens your torso to make you look ultra-statuesque, especially when paired with the contrast of a loose, flowing skirt on bottom.

Drop Waist Knitted Dress


Drop Waist Maxi Dress


Drop Waist Black Dress


Drop Waist Blue Dress


Drop Waist Mini Dress


Drop Waist Knitted Dress



On Spring/Summer'23 runways, silver was clearly the hottest hue, with it being featured endlessly on everything from shoes to coats to jewelry. It's a welcome addition to the wardrobe of anyone who wants to make a statement this spring.

Silver Maxi Dress


Silver Mini Dress


Silver Top


Silver Handbag


Silver Ballet Flats


Silver Wedges



Be it the addition of extra pockets on an otherwise classic pair of denim, baggy pants, or a vest made out of durable material, utilitarian is the practical aesthetic that's here to stay this spring. If you want to dip your toe into the trend rather than dive head-first, we recommend a more subtle pair of cargo trousers or a pair of jeans with a utilitarian twist.

Cargo Overalls


Cargo Jumpsuit Shorts


Utility Midi Skirt


Cargo Jeans


90s Relaxed Carpenter Jeans


Cargo Pants



In a complete contrast to the aforementioned utilitarian styles, airy, sheer styles will be everywhere in the upcoming season. From sheer overlays over a slip dress to see-through tops with a bra peeking through underneath, the effect is etherial, dreamy, and ultra-feminine.

Moon Mesh Layering Top


Knit Dress


Sheer Bodysuit


Knit T-shirt


Sheer Button Up


Sheer Dress


80s/90s Blazers

This spring, big blazers mean big business. The oversized take on the closet staple is reflective of an industry whose rules have become more flexible and easy-going in recent years. Wear this trend with a mini skirt in a complementary shade, a suit, or a pair of simple jeans – the outerwear will instantly transform your outfit into something spectacular.

Oversized Velvet Blazer


Oversized Jean Blazer


Faux Leather Blazer


Leopard Blazer


Leopard Pants


Retro Orange Blazer



Two-piece sets in leather, or vegan alternatives of the fabric, are proving to be fashion's glossiest outfit formula for the season ahead. Sleek shorts, pants, and skirts in leather or leather-like materials are being paired with matching blazers, bombers, bustiers and more.

Retro Faux Leather Jacket


Motorcycle Jacket


Faux Leather Top


Contrast Color Faux Leather Pants


Classical Bell-bottoms


100% Leather Skirt



If you like big blazers, might we suggest the trend's equally large cousin: the supersized tote. Industry heavy hitters like Louis Vuitton, Givenchy, and Bottega Veneta are making the case for extra-large bags that are big enough to eclipse your torso, making this accessory the center of attention that just so happens to fit everything you need to get through the day... and then some.

Everyday Soft Tote


Pink Panther Canvas Tote


100% Leather Tote


XL Nylon Tote


Velvet Tote


Retro Leather Tote