Get ready for the most exciting Easter celebration yet!

We've got an incredible selection of Easter gifts, novelties, and party supplies that are sure to make your festivities unforgettable. From fun decorations that will brighten up any room, to playful party favors that will have your guests smiling from ear to ear, we've got it all. And don't forget to check out our collection of unique Easter gifts for adults and kids alike!

Shop now and get ready to make this Easter one to remember!

Easter Decorations and Party Supplies

Bunny Ornament

From ¥48.90

Easter Garden Light


Bunny Decoration Set

From ¥143.53

Easter String Light

From ¥26.19

Easter String Light

From ¥19.73

Easter Hangings


Easter Wreath

From ¥65.18

Handmade Mini Rattan Bunny Chair

From ¥19.73

Easter Egg Decorations

From ¥14.75

Easter Chocolate Mold

From ¥12.54

Easter Chocolate Mold

From ¥18.46

Easter Balloons

From ¥7.37

Easter Labels

From ¥23.50

Easter Cake Top

From ¥6.95

Easter Banner

From ¥29.38

Easter Banner


Carrot Wreath


Easter Party Game

From ¥29.28

Easter Party Prop

From ¥39.89

Carrot Hangings

From ¥27.70

Easter Hangings

From ¥44.28

Easter Table Flag

From ¥39.97

Easter Table Flag


Easter Table Cloth


Easter Gifts for Kids

Eggmazing Easter Egg Decorator Kit

From ¥24.21

Jumping Jack Game


It's Not Easy Being a Bunny


Anditoy Slime Eggs

From ¥6.50

Hatching Dinosaur Toys

From ¥19.66

Giant Bubble Wands Kit

From ¥16.44

Smashers Smashers Epic Dino Egg

From ¥44.42

Easter Bubble Bath Bomb

From ¥210.52

LEGO White Rabbit Animal Toy Building Set

From ¥139.50

Melissa & Doug Pet Shop Puffy Sticker Set

From ¥27.10

Easter Socks

From ¥17.87

Bunny Crochet Kit

From ¥17.87

Surprise Mini Fashionst

From ¥29.38

Candy Dispenser

From ¥26.98

Happy Easter, Mouse!


Baby Bunny Hat


Easter Basket

From ¥11.50

Bunny House Toy

From ¥164.94

Baby Balance Bikes


Wooden Easter Eggs

From ¥9.55

Carrot and Radish Sorting and Matching Game

From ¥47.80

Bunny Night Light


Duck! Rabbit!


DIY Wooden Painting

From ¥7.25

Easter Gifts for Adults

Bunny Slippers


Bunny Salad Bowl


Bunny Egg Holder

From ¥38.85

Bunny Decoration


The Cottage Greenhouse Handcream


Garden Tool Set


Mermaid Makeup Set

From ¥10.19

Nest and Egg Bowl

From ¥19.66

What's for Dessert


Bunny Ring Holder


Egg Cream Mask 10 pieces


Easter Egg Cream Liqueur

From ¥101.54

Bunny Cup


Bunny Tie


Bunny Chocolate


Nomo Cookie Dough Egg&Bunny

From ¥39.89

Ferry's Chocholate Orange Mini Eggs

From ¥39.00

Cadbury Mini Eggs


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