It's almost June and, if it's anything like last year, PandaBoo will host the Mid Year Sale again.

The middle of the year is a great time to find the best deals on various products. And our Mega Mid Year Sale makes it an even better time to shop, with great prices on the big brands you love.

The 6.18 mid-year discount will be available on PandaBoo from 31 May to 18 June. This year, we have ¥6.18 coupons for everyone. You can get ¥6.18 off the order with our coupon if you make an order of ¥61.8 or more.

Each customer can use the coupon 18 times.

Coupon code: 618

The coupons will be valid from 20:00, 31 May to 23:59, 18 June.

Simply follow the below steps to save your money!

There will also be simple discounts on SuperMall for the 6.18 sale as usual. All discounts are shown on the SuperMall product page. If an item is discounted, you will see immediately how much you save.


Heads up, online shoppers! From 20:00, 31 May to 23:59, 18 June, if you make an order of ¥618 or more, you would be able to win a cashback, with ¥6.18 to ¥618 random amount each.

The cashback rewards will be put in your PandaBoo account balance. You can use it for your future shopping anytime.

So what are you waiting for? Head to PandaBoo now and make your online shopping dreams come true!


Handmade knitted bikini


Retro high waist bikini


Long beach blouse


Flip Flops


Beach shorts


Cafelatte Hawaii shirt


Handmade straw hat


Ice bucket with shovel


Inflatable cup holder

From ¥13.34

Coca Cola insulated cup


Coca Cola mason jar


Coca Cola coffee cup

From ¥102.62

Vintage cocktail glass

From ¥45.60

Chinese style cocktail cup

From ¥34.25

Vampire cocktail glass

From ¥28.76

Rose and diamond ice molds

From ¥11.65

Heart shaped ice mold

From ¥28.50

White bear and penguin ice mold

From ¥27.68

NoNo sunglasses


Heart shaped sunglasses


Star sunglasses


Mosquito Repellent Candles


Instant Cup Cooler

From ¥153.28

Slip and Slides

From ¥41.75

High Waist Yoga Pants


Tiger embroidered cap


Mini cat fan


M&M'S T-shirt


Whiskey glass cover

From ¥26.60

Pool floats

From ¥49.89