Love them or hate them, computers have become an essential part of our daily lives, whether to work, play games, communicate with our friends and families across the world, or just surf the net in our downtime.

The majority of computers sold in China come with Chinese language operating systems (OS). For those of us whose first language is not Chinese, this means buying a computer in China is an inconvenient hassle at best and at worst an absolute nightmare.

The good news is PandaBoo can help upgrade the OS to English for any computer bought through us!

There are two ways to choose if you need an English OS for your new computer.


Place the order as normal and have it shipped directly to your address. After the package is delivered and you've made sure there's no damage to the item, contact our customer service. Our team will help you switch the computer OS to the English version remotely.

You can contact us by Live Chat:

A better way is to contact us by WeChat :

Based on your requirements, our team can remotely upgrade the OS of the computer for you.


Alternatively, place the order for your chosen computer, and at check out, choose "Consolidate into 1 Package" as the delivery method.

The computer will be delivered to the PandaBoo warehouse first, where our team will upgrade the system to the English version and ship the computer to your address after the upgrade is complete.

Please remember to visually inspect any computers, monitors, and keyboards before starting the computer. Any defects need to be reported to us within 24 hours. please keep all the packaging for 15 days at least in case you need to return or exchange for any quality issues. Once a computer is activated, you are unable to return it unless it has a specific quality defect.

Most computers come with a one-year quality guarantee for repair.

After all, we are always here at your service!