PandaBoo is excited to present the second wave of our Double 11 promotion, featuring an irresistible combination of coupons, cashback rewards, and straightforward discounts.

From November 10th at 18:00 to November 12th at 23:59, get ready to take advantage of these amazing deals.

It's still not too late to join the First Wave:   Join the 11.11 Extravaganza and Win Big with Our Game!

Discount Coupons

During this exclusive period, each customer will receive a Double 11 coupon. This coupon allows you to enjoy a discount of ¥11.11 when your order subtotal reaches or exceeds ¥111.1.

Please note that the subtotal refers to the total cost of the items and does not include additional fees such as shipping and taxes.

To benefit from the discount, simply apply the coupon code 231111 at checkout, and you will see the savings instantly deducted from your subtotal.

The best part is that each customer can use the coupons up to ELEVEN TIMES!

  Event Time: 2023.11.10 18:00 ~ 2023.11.12 23:59

  Coupon Code : 231111

  Discount Rules : Get ¥11.11 off with coupon code when your order sub-total is ¥111.1 or more

Coupon usage limit: 11 times


But that's not all! During this exclusive period, any single order containing eleven or more different items will qualify for a cashback reward ranging from ¥11.11 to ¥1111, directly deposited into your PandaBoo wallet. This cashback offer has no limit, allowing you to apply them to future purchases.

What's more, the Double 11 coupon and cashback are stackable, so if your order meets both the coupon usage criteria and the cashback standards during the promotional period, you can delight in both instant discounts and cashback rewards.

  Event Time: 2023.11.10 18:00 ~ 2023.11.12 23:59

  Cashback Reward: ranging from ¥11.11 to ¥1111

  Discount Rules : Instant cashback for orders with 11 or more different items

Redemption limit: No limit!

Direct Discount

As always, PandaBoo is dedicated to providing simple and transparent discounts. Throughout the duration of the promotion, from November 10th to 12th, you can enjoy astonishing discounts of up to 50% off, prominently displayed on the product pages. With each discounted item, you'll immediately see how much you save, making your shopping experience even more rewarding.

Don’t miss out on PandaBoo’s incredible Double 11 promotions! Mark your calendars and get ready to make the most of these fantastic offers.

Hot Items

Cinereplicas x Harry Potter Christmas Advent Calendar


Ikea chocolates Christmas Advent Canlendar


Little duck Christmas gift box


A whole frozen raw turkey

From ¥344.08

Roast turkey leg

From ¥31.95

Libby's 100% Pure Pumpkin

From ¥44.50

Thanksgiving decorations

From ¥15.40

Fall pillows

From ¥48.90

Fall Garland

From ¥59.35

Thanksgiving party props

From ¥9.94

Fabric pumpkin decorations


Thanksgiving decorative ribbon

From ¥17.35

Thanksgiving party disposable tableware

From ¥9.32

Thanksgiving party decorations

From ¥15.14

Thanksgiving string lights

From ¥26.86

Adhesive heat patches

From ¥9.20

Heated blanket

From ¥57.81

Themed card games

From ¥25.46

Neck reading lights


Winter boots


Castor oil

From ¥21.70