You don't have much time to be sad that summer is over when Halloween is creeping up! We've scoured the internet for the coolest and scariest pieces that we want in our own spaces, so we're confident that you'll feel the same way.

Whether you want to decorate with Halloween costumes, Halloween door decorations, or pumpkin carving ideas, we've got tons of ideas you can make ourselves or purchase. In fact, PandaBoo is a great place to find a plethora of Halloween decorations, costumes, and accessories from the scary to the sublime.

Happy haunting, and happy shopping! Check out our top picks of these best-selling Halloween items you can order today.

First of all, a Halloween GHOST!

Which one do you prefer? A ghost in a mirror, or a ghost in a portrait?

Ghost in the mirror, luminous


3D ghost face changing portrait


Maybe you can decorate your yard with a big inflatable ghost, or a small ghost lantern.

Big inflatable ghost

From ¥260.34

Ghost lantern

From ¥70.22

Give your kid a reversible ghost doll or simply dress your kid in a Ghostbusters costume?

Reversible luminous ghost doll


Ghostbusters kids costume


Halloween costumes are definitely necessary

Why not try some costumes from the movies and TV shows in 2021?


From ¥39.00

Harley Quinn

From ¥19.40


From ¥98.58

Shang Chi

From ¥92.90

Cruella for kids


Wonder Woman for kids


Harley Quinn for kids

From ¥42.29

Or try something sexy.

Patent leather long gloves

From ¥38.85

Patent leather sexy bodysuit


Cat women sexy costume

From ¥74.53

Something freaky for the family.

Skeleton costume

From ¥192.50

Parent-child cockroaches costumes

From ¥145.97

Bat costumes for family

From ¥69.14

Maybe wearing a mask is more convenient than making up.

The scariest masks ever!

From ¥70.22

The second scariest mask


Plague doctor mask, just fit the epidemic situation

From ¥47.80

Joker masks


Venom masks


LED flashing mask

From ¥28.76

Tassels party masks

From ¥27.80

Iron party masks

From ¥37.70

Half face punk mask


Wear a tie or brooch with Halloween style.

Halloween bow tie


Halloween tie for both adults and children


Trick or treat!

From ¥41.20

Grave Rock!


Goddness and Death

From ¥48.90

Gothic cat


Cat and skull


Bat, ghost, and pumpkin

From ¥20.48

Cute brooches for kindergarten kids


Prepare some skeletons for Halloween.

Dragon skeleton

From ¥60.89

Skull candy bowl

From ¥37.70

Crying skeleton

From ¥79.94

Skull candleholder


Claw crystal ball

From ¥54.90

Skull bottle

From ¥17.96

Don't forget pumpkins!

Plain pumpkins to be painted

From ¥6.70

DIY pumpkin carving kit

From ¥13.08

Pumpkin string lights

From ¥24.80

Halloween paper decorations

From ¥8.20

Halloween glasses


Halloween kindergarten decorations

From ¥15.94

Other Halloween decorations and accessories you would like.

Three witches Halloween decoration

From ¥91.82

Visual illusion carpet

From ¥17.37

Witch pot candy bowl

From ¥6.82

Haunted house window sticker

From ¥54.51

Halloween door sticker

From ¥87.37

Black roses

From ¥8.20

Spider web string lights

From ¥22.62

Halloween table cloth


LED owl lamp


Bonus for your pets!

Spider costume for pets


Pumpkin house for cat

From ¥92.79

One more Bonus! Let's create a scary atmosphere with a fog spray!

LED colorful fog spray

From ¥69.14