There are decidedly two camps of shoppers when it comes to the biggest shopping week of the year: the ones who've been eagerly curating wish lists for months, and those who get a shiver of anxiety down their spine whenever the words "Black Friday" are uttered. Regardless of where you fall on that spectrum, you probably like to save money — and that's where we come in.

This year, the Black Friday Sale has already arrived at PandaBoo. We offer a discount of 10% for any order over US$15 at our new site PandaBoo Global. From NOW to 00:00, 1st December, if you place ANY order over US$15 at PandaBoo Global, you get 10% OFF immediately.

PandaBoo has started a new site PandaBoo Global to ship Chinese-style or customized gifts from China to overseas countries all over the world.

With PandaBoo Global, there are endless ways to personalize gifts for your loved ones. By customizing the design, adding text, and uploading your favorite photos, you can create unique gifts your recipient will adore.

No matter how you customize your gifts, they will indeed be one-of-a-kind. Each item is made to order for you.

Here are our selected personalized Christmas decorations and gifts that will meet your particular demands.

Custom Christmas Stockings


Custom Christmas Stockings

From ¥39.85

Custom Christmas Stockings


Custom Name Christmas Gift Bag

From ¥91.40

Custom Name Christmas Peter Rabbit Gift Bag

From ¥52.49

Custom Christmas Chair Cover

From ¥90.33

Custom Name Christmas Baby Cloak

From ¥135.68

Custom Name Christmas Kids Apron


Custom Embroidered Name Christmas Hat

From ¥71.41

Custom Christmas Ornament Round Acrylic Plate


Custom Christmas Beech Baubles


Custom Name Embroidery Christmas Countdown Calendar

From ¥181.02

Custom Name Embroidery Christmas Tree Skirt

From ¥185.66

Custom Name Embroidery Christmas Tree Skirt

From ¥124.97

Custom Letters Christmas Heart-shaped Cushion


Custom Name Embroidered Nutcracker Linen Napkin

From ¥39.27

Handmade Custom Name Pet Christmas Bib


Custom Name Christmas Silver Necklace

From ¥106.40

Custom Acrylic Feather Name Plate

From ¥13.50

Handmade Custom Name Pet Christmas Bib

From ¥34.28

Custom Pet Portrait Name Carving Necklace


How to visit PandaBoo Global

You can find the entry of PandaBoo Global at the left of the navigation bar of PandaBoo website. As long as you have registered with PandaBoo, if you enter PandaBoo Global site from PandaBoo, you will simply multipass logged in.

It is easy to customize products online.

Take the tapestry as an example.

1. Simply select the size and upload the picture on the product page.

2. Adjust the preview on the left of the page.

3. After you finish your design, click on "BUY NOW" to continue.

4. If you would like to check out, please fill in your address information and select a payment method to complete the payment.

After the order is successfully created, PandaBoo's supplier will manufacture the customized product based on your specific design, and PandaBoo team will quality test the product before we ship the package out.

The production and quality inspection will take 7 - 20 days. You can see the order status in your order history.

You can also contact PandaBoo Global's customer service for details of the customization.

Order your gifts sooner than later to account for global shipping delays this year and give your family & friends a surprise!