Chinese New Year, also called Spring Festival, happens this year on Saturday, February 10, 2024. This year ushers in the year of the Dragon!

The Spring Festival, synonymous with joy and family reunions, marks the beginning of the lunar new year in China. This year, we joyfully welcome the Year of the Dragon, a symbol of courage, strength, and good fortune. Those born in the Dragon years (1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012) are celebrating their zodiac year, believed to bring extra luck and blessings.

To infuse your celebrations with the spirit of the dragon, here are some delightful recommendations:

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Dragon-Inspired Decor

Dragon Year Window Stickers


Dragon Year Hanging Decorations


Dragon Year Window Stickers

From ¥25.78

Dragon Year Party Decorations

From ¥20.86

Chinese New Year Party Supplies

From ¥13.84

Chinese New Year Balloons Set

From ¥51.70

DIY Hanging Decorations

From ¥35.29

Dragon Hand-hold Balloons

From ¥17.87

English Couplets

From ¥21.27

Door Hangers

From ¥23.26

DIY Dragon Year Hanging Decorations


New Year Pull Flag

From ¥13.84

Dragon Stickers

From ¥15.27

Dragon Year Window Stickers

From ¥14.36

Red Fruit Ornament

From ¥20.86

Fu Character Ornament

From ¥28.06

New Year Red Lanterns

From ¥20.86

Money Tree Ornament

From ¥17.74

Ikea Dragon Floor Mat


Dragon Year Floor Mat

From ¥48.56

Dragon Year Floor Mat

From ¥38.85

Thumbs-up Dragon Pillow


Blue Dragon Throw Pillow

From ¥57.52

Barbie Long Throw Pillow

From ¥45.20

Zodiac Paper-cut Art Pillow

From ¥17.87

Tassel Lantern Pillow


Round Dragon Pillow

From ¥34.14

Dragon Year Table Cloth

From ¥78.00

Chinese New Year Table Cloth

From ¥78.00

New Year Tasseled Tablecloth

From ¥114.19

Gifts, Clothing and Accessories

New Year Panda Red Envelope

From ¥12.54

Fabric Folding Fruit Tray


Dragon Year Brooch

From ¥9.20

Knitted Money Tree Ornament


Hong Kong Style Dragon Shirts

From ¥81.30

Dragon Shirts

From ¥72.39

Dragon Pineapple Cake 3pcs


Dragon Biscuits

From ¥21.34

New Year Pastry Basket


Dragon Pen Gift Box

From ¥249.03

Big Panda and Tiny Dragon


Dragon Year Hanging Ornament Small Gift Box

From ¥27.70

Limited Dragon Year Flameless Aromatherapy


Wish Dragon Plush Toy

From ¥80.09

2024 Kitty Calendar


2024 Dog Pooping Calendar

From ¥38.85

Dragon Pattern Chopsticks

From ¥23.50

Dragon Year Socks


Dragon Pajamas for Family

From ¥82.40

Women's New Year Pajamas

From ¥61.98

Boys' New Year Greeting Costume


Girls' New Year Greeting Costume

From ¥118.24

Women's New Year Long Coat


New Year Quilted Cheongsam


Women's Chinese Style Plush Jacket


Men's Dragon Quilted Jacket


Men's New Year Quilted Jacket


Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

May the Year of the Dragon bring you joy, prosperity, and endless opportunities!