Are you ready for the fall now? Are you reading this at the pool, or beach or on vacation? We know you might think it is too early to decorate for fall. But not really! At least, it is not too early to begin thinking about fall decor! And we have some beautiful ideas for you today.

Here are 8 things that you can start to do right NOW to be ready for fall! These will get you in the mood for the upcoming sweater weather!

1. A Fall Wreath

One of the very first things to decorate for fall is to get a big wreath using elements of the season! Welcome fall and everyone who comes to your front door with an autumnal wreath!

Autumn wreath


Pumpkin maple leaf wreath

From ¥60.89

Autumn harvest wreath

From ¥55.50

Fall wreath with bell

From ¥48.90

Halloween wreath

From ¥69.14

Fall door decoration

From ¥48.90

2. Fall Dishes and Accents

This year get out your beautiful dishes and other fall accents. Don’t let them sit in plastic bins or cupboards! Get them out now so you can use them all fall long.

Pumpkin dish


Maple leaf dish

From ¥20.36

Leaf shape dish


Maple leaves string light

From ¥37.70

Artificial flowers

From ¥38.62

Kindergarten autumn decoration

From ¥22.82

3. Fall Textiles

Do you have fall pillows or throws? How about a cozy fall tartan or bedspread ? I bet you have napkins that would look gorgeous for fall. How about a table runner or tablecloth?

Handmade tassels cushion

From ¥38.85

Embroidery pillow

From ¥42.30

Double-layer blanket

From ¥81.02

Cashmere wool tartan scarf


Knitted bedspread

From ¥40.32

Cotton tablecloth set

From ¥54.40

Maple leaves table runner

From ¥54.58

Plaid napkin

From ¥52.20

Retro tablecloth

From ¥76.70

4. A Warm Mug of Apple Cider

Nothing tastes more like fall then the first sip of warm apple cider.

Bargg apple cider vinegar

From ¥56.60

German apple cider vinegar


Heinz apple cider vinegar


Starbucks autumn cups

From ¥144.80

Pumpkin mugs

From ¥27.20

Hand painted mugs


5. A Crackling, Scented Candle

Nothing says fall like firing up the fireplace when the temperatures start to dip. If you don't own a fireplace, a wood wick candle can recreate the fire noise that you associate with autumn months.

US WoodWick aromatherapy candle


Handmade DIY wood wicks

From ¥4.75

Environmental DIY soy wax beewax

From ¥27.68

Retro iron candle holder

From ¥19.40

Retro bird handle holder

From ¥41.20

Pumpkin iron candle holder

From ¥174.48

6. A Knitting Kit to Start a Relaxing Hobby

If you're looking to pick up a new hobby during the fall, knitting is a classic one to try out. It's never been easier with tons of easy-to-follow kits available to purchase. And with knitting as a hobby, you can make yourself (and others for, ehem, holiday gifts) beanies, scarves and gloves to use all winter long.

DIY cotton yarn blanket knitting kit

From ¥168.12

DIY scarf knitting kit

From ¥49.78

DIY hat knitting kit


DIY blanket knitting kit

From ¥182.96

DIY cup mat knitting kit


DIY sweater knitting kit

From ¥196.74

7. Wearing Anything Plaid

When it finally gets chilly nothing will brighten up your day like a colorful tartan coat. Bonus points if you have a plaid jacket for your pet to match your own.

Uniqlo men's plaid shirt


Flannel plaid oversize shirt


Uniqlo women's plaid shirt


Retro plaid bell bottoms


Personlized pets' plaid clothes

From ¥59.90

Pets' thickened plaid shirt


8. Eating All the Pumpkin Spice Flavored Food

Some people think that pumpkin spice-flavored foods have gone a little too far, but we can't help but enjoy how warm and cozy the quintessential fall flavor makes us feel.

Fried pumpkin pie


Frozen pumpkin paste


Fresh small pumpkin 1kg


Pumpkin juice

From ¥81.02

Pumpkin tarte cake


Pumpkin pie spice