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Women’s Plus Size


European and American fashion styles. Sizes range from 14 US - 22 US (XL - 5XL)

MiMeiER Dress

Specialist in Plus Sized Dresses. Casual to dressy and everything in between. Sizes range from L - 6XL


Casual clothing for every body! Sizes ranging from S - 3XL

Luxury Posture

European Styles. Very Feminine and detailed. Size ranges from L - 5XL (50kg - 90kg, 110lbs - 198lbs)

LJ Jeans

Focused on denim for young adults. Size ranges from L - 6XL

Beauty Dynamic

Young and fresh fashion styles. Size ranges from L - 5XL (60kg - 100kg, 132lbs - 220lbs)

For Queens

Casual, modern and minimal. Korean Styled fashions. Size ranges from XL - 4XL

Honey City Pants

Specialist in Plus sized pants. Available for ladies who are 45kg - 100kg, 99lbs - 220lbs


Plus sized fashion styles for the mature woman. Sizes range from M - 5XL (50kg - 100kg, 110lbs - 220lbs)


Veteran Supplier of plus sized clothing. Offers a variety casual and fun styles. Sizes range from L - 6XL (50kg - 100kg, 110lbs - 220lbs)


Young and stylish Tees and Sweaters! Sizes range from S - 3XL

Five Seasons

Professional and Casual styles. Size ranges from XL - 5XL (50kg - 100kg, 110lbs - 220lbs)

South Island Wind

Fun and cheeky street styles! Sizes range from XL - 5XL (50kg - 105kg, 110lbs - 231lbs)


Korean styled fashions for the petite woman. Sizes range from L - 4XL


European and American street styles. Sizes range from XL - 5XL (50kg - 105kg, 110lbs - 231lbs)

Lan Yu

Korean inspired fashions. Always new and fresh quality stock. Size ranges from XL - 5XL.

Zhang Da Ren

Korean styled fashions for young adults. Size ranges from L - 4XL (45kg - 100kg, 99lbs - 220lbs)


Business and Casual Korean Styles. Size ranges from M - 3XL (50kg - 100kg, 110lbs - 220lbs)

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